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2021 marketing calendar

2021 Marketing Calendar Download

We know this is not the start to the year we all wanted but there is an opportunity now to get organised and plan (as best we can!) for the year ahead. We have put together some key marketing dates in our 2021 calendar to inspire your marketing content for the year. Feel free to add any local dates or events that you could use to create content too!

You can download and print the calendar up to A2 size. Remember to keep checking the facebook group for new images to promote these awareness days and key dates. We have highlighted a few dates below that we think are particularly relevant for our Industry but we will be following up with more ideas and promotioanls posts in the coming weeks.

Key dates and Awareness Days

Here are some examples of ways you can use these dates to make content:

• January: Blue Monday, the 18th of January, is said to be the most depressing day of the year, and we can believe it this year! Create an email/social post or a facebook live sharing some of the amazing products your clients can purchase from you to use at home to cheer themselves up. We’re thinking face masks, new nail polishes, aromatherapy candles, pamper kits, and your best tips for looking after skin at home.
• February: The shops will be shut so Valentine’s Day is a lucrative opportunity to retail your products for use at home. Why not post out a letter to your clients letting them know what gift packages you have available.

• March: It’s Mother’s Day this month – hopefully we will all be back open by then but we might still be catching up on a backlog so putting together some pamper packages to use the following month could work well.
• April: National Stress Awareness Month is a great opportunity to create some content about the relaxing qualities of your treatments, or about how stress can affect the hair and skin.


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