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4 Ways to Motivate Your Salon Team in the New Year

New Year is a great time to motivate your salon team. The post-Christmas slump can leave motivation levels lower than usual. Having staff that are not motivated to do a good job will impact the rest of the team. Begin the New Year on a high, increase productivity and start forming new positive habits. 

How can you motivate your team?

Establish a plan to motivate your team for the year ahead! When it comes to motivation individuals respond to different things. You can’t motivate your entire team in the same way – it won’t work. So what is the best way to motivate and energise your team?  To start the process reconnect with each team member. Speak to every individual and find out what drives them. What makes them want to work harder? January is the perfect time to do this as the salon tends to be quieter. If you understand what motivates your staff, you will also benefit from employee retention. Happy staff who feel valued tend to stick around for longer. So what are the main motivating factors employees respond to?

1. Recognition & Rewards 

Some people work best when they know they are a valued member of the team. Ensure you dedicate time to make your employees feel appreciated. Always tell them when they have done a good job. Saying thank you can have an overwhelming effect on motivation levels! Reward their dedication by treating them on special occasions. It could be with extra time off – or some free treatments. 

2. Flexible Hours

Many people are balancing their jobs with an array of other life factors. It can be a fine balancing act. For those who want to work around family commitments or lifestyle factors, it can be very motivating to have the flexibility to set their own hours. Flexible start and finish times can be very appealing – especially to parents managing the school run.

3. Progression & Training 

Some people love to continue learning. Boosting their skills and personal growth opportunities also rank high for some employees. If you can offer your team chances to learn new skills and grow it can be highly motivating.

4. Money

Money is always a big motivator. For some employees it can be the biggest motivating factor. These staff members will be looking for regular pay rises, good commission and bonuses.  Motivated people have a positive outlook which will reflect in their performance. Motivate your team and your salon will benefit.

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