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5 Ways To Bring In More Local Clients

If local clients aren’t coming to you, they’re going to your competitors! Don’t let this happen. Target the local clients in your neighbourhood. Pull them away from competition and get them through your salon door.

Focusing on your local area is more important than ever. 97% of all Google users search online to find a local business. 46% of all google searches include local intent – potential customers seek to find what is nearby (46% = 1.6 billion).

1.Engage with Your Local Community on Social Media

You should be active in local Facebook groups relevant to you. Show an interest in what is happening around you. However, market your services only when appropriate and don’t push them on people. Use local hashtags on all social media sites. This way users know your location and can find you. E.g. #xxxsalon 

If you are paying for advertising, segment to your location for better results. That way only potential local clients around you will see it.

2. Market with a Google Business Profile

List your business on Google with a free Business Profile (formerly Google My Business). Make sure your details are always accurate and up to date. Check that opening times, services and location is right. Give parking information. Then when people in your area search for a salon, yours will come up with all the info they need.

3. Connect with the Local Community

Consider supporting a local charity and build relationships with local influencers. The best way to attract local clients in the community is to be a part of it. Show you care. If you’re an active member of your community, local clients are more likely to come to your salon. Raise your profile by working with local influencers. If they are coming to your salon others will come too. Connect with other local businesses targeting similar clients – promote and support each other.

4. Window Display

Make your salon window display eye-catching. This is a great way to be noticed as people walk by. Switch it up seasonally. Use pictures of successful treatments (SkinBase B+As are great for this). Include relevant information. What treatments do you have? How much they cost? Don’t forget your contact details. If you’re frequently updating the view from the outside – don’t forget the inside too! Check out our blog for a salon refresh here.

5. Focus on Online Reviews

Make sure all your clients have an excellent experience. Ask for reviews. This will improve your online presence and google ranking so local clients who are searching will find you first. Once you’ve received a review – respond to it (positive or negative). Those leaving a positive review will appreciate you taking the time to read it. Those who are dissatisfied will feel better if you resolve the issue.

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