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believe in transformation: April entries

April Entries: Transformation 24

We are in the fourth month of the Transformation of the Year 2024 competition, and the April Entries are rolling in. Let’s take a look!

April Entries


April entries - the skin refinery before and after microdermabrasion

Microdermabrasion x 10

April Entries: The Skin Refinery

Client Testimonial: “I have suffered with my skin for what feels like forever! I was booked in for a treatment by my sister to help my acne and scarring. Nicky advised me on how to improve my skin and told me that the treatment would help with the scarring and help to clean out my blocked pores. I have never had so much improvement with my acne, this Microdermabrasion treatment has changed my skin and boosted my confidence so much so, that it feels good to be in my own  skin again. Thank you.”

April entries - jojos beauty - before and after collagen lift

Collagen Lift x 8

Jojo’s Beauty

Client Testimonial: “After having 4 children I’ve always been really paranoid about my stomach. No matter how much I train it just never improved. After having Collagen Lift it has given me so much more confidence. I am so happy with the results.”

April entries - Amy Marsden - before and after collagen lift

Collagen Lift x 6

April Entries: Amy Marsden Beauty

Client Testimonial: “I’d heard about the machine and came to see Amy for her to explain how it worked. I just wanted to feel a bit better about myself and I enjoyed having the treatments. Amy seemed pleased with the results too! I’ll come back for the top up facial.”


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