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April Key Dates

April Key Dates and Awareness Days

Even with our businesses closed we still want to maintain a presence with clients on our social pages. It can be difficult to know what to post when you normally have so much to share. There are lots of awareness days in April that you can use to touch base with clients and generate some interaction on your page.

Here are your key dates for April

National Stress Awareness Month

Share some ideas to help clients relieve stress. Mindfulness, breathing exercises, healthy exercises, good night’s sleep. This guide from the Stress Management Society has more ideas and lots more information you can share with clients on their website.

10th  National Siblings Day

Post to your page and ask clients to nominate their sibling to receive a treat. Find out why they deserve a special treat and pick yout favourite! Or just share a picture of your sibling and a little bit about your relationship; a funny story or a picture from when you were small.

10th – Good Friday

12th – Easter Sunday

13th  – Easter Monday

It’s Easter this weekend and with most of us at home social distancing and the rest working in their key worker roles this weekend our activities are limited to around the house. Why not put on an Easter quiz or an Easter lucky dip?

14th – Look up at the sky day

It’s look up at the sky day. What’s the view from your room?

16th – Wear your pyjamas to work day

Think we’ve got this covered this year! With many of us working from home, working in pyjamas is pretty much the norm isn’t it? Challenge your clients to post a picture working in their pyjamas, offer a prize to your favourite!

18th – Husband appreciation day

23rd – St Georges Day

23rd – World book night

Get clients to share their favourite reads.

26th – Get organised day

Some of us are just managing to get through the day, and that’s fine, some of us are using this time at home to get on top of all those little jobs, also fine! Never a better day to start.

27th – Tell a story day

This year why not ask clients to share their stories of lockdown? This is such a strange time and the ups and downs will be different for everyone.

28th – Superhero day

It’s clear who our superheroes are this year, big heartfelt thanks to all the key workers and everyone working hard to keep us all safe.

29 – World wish day

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