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August Awareness Days

August Awareness Days – Entice clients in for something different

After last week’s disappointing news, we need to get creative about how we entice clients in. This is the perfect time to get your clients to try new treatments, they can’t get a facial but they can have a body massage, they can’t have their brows done but they can get a manicure.

We need you!

Let your clients know that you need their support, don’t make it a pity party but letting clients know, ‘Hey we’ve got more availability than usual at the moment and we would love you to come in and try something new’ is just letting them know that you would like to see them and there is space.

Give them the information they need

If you have clients who always stick to the same treatments you are going to need to tell them about these alternatives as if the treatment is completely new. You might post about it all the time and have information about it everywhere but if it isn’t something they’ve considered before they will be switched off to this and probably not even notice!

Stop the assumptions!

Don’t dismiss people and assume they don’t want it just because they never have! This just might be the time that they decide to try something new. The same goes for you, don’t dismiss offering alternatives like body treatments for Collagen Lift or Microdermabrasion with ‘I don’t do body treatments’, or ‘my clients don’t want that’, unless your columns are completely full what have you got to lose? Be open to it, ask clients, make it sound interesting and appealing if you don’t sound enthusiastic or interested in this new option then, of course, they won’t either.

August Awareness Dates

A few ideas for promotional posts this month, feel free to copy or adapt to use

1-7 World Breastfeeding Week

Why not have a special offer for those Breastfeeding mamas? “To celebrate World Breastfeeding week we’ve got a special offer on our neck and shoulder massage, come in for some relaxation and pampering and a little bit of time to yourself, we’ve got a surprise treat to take home after!”

8- International Cat day

“It’s International Cat Day, we know lots of you are moggy lovers so let’s see them in the comments, the owner of the best picture will get a little surprise when they are next in the salon”

10 – Lazy Day 

“Come and be lazy with us, we’ve got all sorts to pamper those who want to make the most of this day dedicated to all things lazy. In fact, to help you be even lazier, let us know your budget and we will pick your treatment for you! Or pick something completely new to try and we will give you 10% off your bill”

13 – National prosecco day

“Book a course of treatments today and we will throw in a bottle of Prosecco for all those Prosecco lovers out there!”

15- Relaxation Day

“Well isn’t this the perfect day for us?! Relaxation and pampering are what we are all about. We have some great packages for the ultimate relaxation, here are some of our favourites…”.

19 – World Photo Day

This is a great one, you could ask people to share their before and after pictures, or an opportunity for you to show off some of yours. Maybe do a competition, ‘favourite photo from lockdown’, ‘best photo taken in our local area’.

21 – Men’s Grooming Day

A growing market, let’s get them in for special grooming packages. You could offer a microdermabrasion back treatment, or Collagen Lift is another great treatment that can help sculpt and tone certain body areas. Don’t forget IPL for that unwanted hair on shoulders and backs.

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