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Transformation of the Year

August Microdermabrasion Before and Afters 

We’ve received a flurry of August entries so far this month, as the Transformation of the Year competition continues. Lots of August Microdermabrasion before and afters have been entered into the competition as clients seek to maintain their summer glow. Let’s take a look!

August Microdermabrasion Before and Afters


microdermabrasion august before and afters

Blondie Hair and Beauty

Microdermabrasion x 6

Client Testimonial:My Microdermabrasion treatment was absolutely amazing. Andreea created a customised plan, ensuring my comfort and addressing my specific concerns. The painless and gentle procedure exfoliated my skin, leaving it incredibly smooth with reduced lines, wrinkles, and pigmentation. The relaxing experience, post-treatment care, and recommendations showcased the therapist’s dedication. Microdermabrasion is a remarkable, non-invasive treatment for radiant, youthful skin. Highly recommended!”



august microdermabrasion before and afters

Karen’s Home Hairdressing

Microdermabrasion x 8

Client Testimonial: “I began my course of microdermabrasions to see if my skin improved. I didn’t want to go down the fillers/Botox route as that has left my friends with a plastic look. I have a lot of freckles from sun damage over the years but my treatments have brightened my skin no end. It’s lifted lines and improved the overall look. I’m so pleased with the results especially when I can see the difference in the before and after photos and when I look in the mirror. Thanks to Karen. I shall definitely keep having them. I’m 65.”



August Microdermabrasion Before and Afters

The One Lounge

Microdermabrasion x 6

Client Testimonial:I’m really pleased with the results of my treatment. I was looking for brighter, more even skin but I’m also delighted with the results of how much of a lift it’s given me at my jawline and mouth as well as the lines round my eyes. Can’t wait to have more.”


August Microdermabrasion Before and Afters

Cassini Beauty

Microdermabrasion x 7

Client Testimonial: “I have been coming to Kerry for almost a year now and my skin has changed dramatically. I have always been insecure and now I don’t feel that anymore I get less pimples and they are a lot smaller and they don’t hurt, making me feel more confident everyday. Thank you Kerry!”


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