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believe in transformation: before and after skinbase hydro

Before and After SkinBase Hydro

The May entry for the Transformation of the Year 2024 competition is now closed! We’ve had lots of fabulous transformations this month, including our first before and after SkinBase Hydro entry! Voting will begin soon, so don’t miss it!

Before and After SkinBase Hydro 

Therapist Comments: “I’ve been a Hydro tester for a couple of months. These are my before and after pics, first pic is before any facials and the last pic is after 3 hydro facials using peel and acne serum 2 weeks in between each session. The client is thrilled with the results and said she can still feel and see a difference in her skin weeks later, skin feels much smoother and she is suffering with less breakouts.”

Before and After Microdermabrasion 

We’ve also had fantastic results from our other treatments this month, including this fabulous Microdermabrasion before and after.

Client’s Testimonial: “I have always had problematic skin that breaks out. I get hormonal acne and black heads which is frustrating. I’m in my 30’s and I am getting spots like a teenager, I have fine lines that are getting deeper from ageing, it is difficult to find options to help with my skin that actually works. I have had facials with Emily before and when she started doing the microdermabrasion I was really excited to try this treatment as a new option for myself to look after my skin. I was a little worried that microdermabrasion might be too harsh for my skin before I had my first treatment as I have also had eczema and even with the spots on my face I also suffer with dry skin!”

Despite her worries, Emily’s client opted for a course of SkinBase MD. She continued:

“This wasn’t an issue. Emily spoke to me about my skin and any concerns that I had before my treatment she also informed me on the benefits and aftercare to further look after my skin. I have only had a course of 3 treatments done so far and I am so happy with the results, this is something I am definitely going to continue with Emily. I have found my skin to be clearer after my course and my lines look so much smoother! My overall complexion is brighter and healthier. I can actually see such a difference.”

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