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Boost Your Retail Sales with This Top Tip

Think about all the times you’ve been shopping, whether it’s on the high street or in the supermarket and picked up some last-minute items while waiting at the till point. Does this ring a bell? 

Well, in a nutshell, there’s a reason why shops place engaging and bold retail display by the till. We’re impulsive creatures. We can’t help ourselves! So, when we reach the checkout, and that little something catches our eye, we add it on to our purchase. The psychology behind it makes us think that it’s a low-cost purchase and we’re already spending money, so it’s no big deal. 

Use Upselling to Your Advantage 

Maybe checkout retail displays aren’t great on your purse strings when out shopping, they can, however, be incredibly beneficial to your salon business. They can:

  • Increase brand awareness – Put those products right under your client’s nose
  • Be season specific – tapping into the current holiday season will help with sales
  • Be versatile – Swap products around, nail client in? Get some nail files, polishes and cuticle oils put out quick!
  • Be affordable – Make sure some of the items are low-cost; £5-10 or less added on to every client’s bill will increase your profits without adding any time onto your day. Create packages that offer a discount for a product bought with a specific service. “Half price SkinBase homecare cream with a mini-course booking”
  • Drive sales. – If you are not upselling, cross-selling and bundle selling you are not maximising your businesses potential!!

If you don’t already upsell your products at the till point in your salon, now is the time to start. It can be incredibly valuable and increase your bottom line quite considerably. But where do you start? Well, first and foremost, point of sale retail displays must be bold and visually engaging in order to stand out to your clients – much like they are in many retail stores.

Bold and Bright Displays 

Be mindful that you can easily become blind to what is right before you, therefore, make sure to change the products on display regularly. There are a number of ways that you can upsell at the till point:

  • Offer a discount on certain products with a particular service
  • Introduce a product or treatment of the month
  • Offer 3 for 2 promotions 
  • Have a display of gift vouchers or loyalty cards

Small Purchase Items 

Keep some small purchase items available on your counter or even set up a little wall display near your till point. These include items such as lip glosses, nail varnish, nail files, cuticle oil or even notebooks; anything that is in handbag size and eye-catching will work wonders in boosting your sales!

Think Outside the Box 

It can be easy to get bogged down with retail displays. However, always remember that there are other effective ways that you can upsell at the till point. Displays can take the form of hanging banners, posters, backlit displays or even till point displays – as long as they stand out!

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