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Collagen Lift Cellulite Treatment

Cellulite Treatment – Collagen Lift Before and After

September is speeding by and SkinBase clients are getting toned, sculpted and contoured skin with our Collagen Lift treatment. Similar to a relaxing hot stone massage, it is the perfect pampering treat as the colder weather nears. Radio frequency is a versatile treatment, ideal for both younger skin as a preventative measure, and more mature skin as a tightening treatment. You can make the treatment work for you by targeting specific concerns on your face or body, and having the amount of sessions you desire.

Recently featured in The Real Housewives of Cheshire, the SkinBase Collagen Lift treatment is a luxurious, relaxing method of achieving the complexion and body you want. Many people are concerned about their skin, or self conscious about their thighs and bum – even original housewife star Lauren Simon, who had a Collagen Lift treatment on her bum in the latest episode. Our clients are boosting their collagen and their confidence this month, and entering their fabulous results into the SkinBase Transformation of the Year 2022 Competition. Let’s take a look at some more of the September entries.

Collagen Lift Before and After

Treatment Length: 3 Sessions

The Beauty Room Collagen Lift Before and After

We recommend having a course of treatments instead of a single session to achieve the best results. If you simply want to rejuvenate your skin, a mini course of 3 treatments may be ideal. Diane’s client at The Beauty Room Skincare & Beauty Clinic had 3 sessions to freshen up her skin, and she has certainly achieved that. Her skin feels tighter, and she has noticed great improvements in the drooping skin around her jowls. She has loved having the relaxing weekly treatments, and even her husband has noticed changes in her skin since having the course. To rejuvenate your client’s complexions, become a SkinBase therapist here.

Collagen Lift Before and After

Treatment Area: Upper Thighs

Top of The House Beauty

Joana’s client at Top of The House Beauty was lacking confidence and did not feel comfortable wearing shorts due to the cellulite on her thighs. She decided to have a six treatment course of Collagen Lift to see what could be done. Here’s what she had to say:

“I didn’t really know what to expect from the treatment, I was hoping to see a reduction in my cellulite, but a big part of me feared that I probably wouldn’t notice any change. Having had high expectations of various treatments/products in the past that haven’t lived up to the sell. I have been so pleased to see a definite reduction in my cellulite, and not only that but my saddlebags look and feel much less pronounced too. I’ve lost 2 inches off my bum (which for me is great!). I feel less puffy, slimmer and more confident and comfortable in a pair of shorts than I have in a long time. Thank you!”

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Collagen Lift Before and After

Treatment Length: 6 Sessions

The Replenish Clinic Collagen Lift Before and After

For rejuvenation of mature skin, typically at least a six treatment course will achieve the best results. Kate at The Replenish Clinic entered these fabulous Collagen Lift before and after images into the competition for September. Her client is thrilled with the results that she achieved. She loved how relaxing the treatments were, and felt like she could fall asleep due to the pampering heat. Her skin looks and feels much softer, her fine lines and wrinkles have minimised, and her jawline is much more defined.

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Collagen Lift Before and After

Treatment Area: Mouth


Maxine’s client came to Nu U Beauty to treat the lines around her mouth, as they were making her unhappy. Instead of resorting to invasive surgical procedures, she had six Collagen Lift Treatments. Here’s what she had to say:

“I was extremely worried about the lines above my top lip, they were really getting me down. I thought my only option was resorting to Injectables and was dreading it. Maxine suggested to try the Collagen Lift before I went down that route, as I really didn’t want to, but felt I had no option. I’m so glad I tried this treatment. I was concerned as we had to have a break during my course due to other commitments. However, I have been surprised by the results we have achieved so far. I love the results and am so glad I don’t have to have injections.”

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Collagen Lift Before and After

Treatment Length: 9 Sessions


Alison’s client was approaching her 50th birthday. She was beginning to feel concerned about the lines around her eyes and her sagging jawline. While her friends tried collagen creams, she visited Bijou Beauty Room as she wanted something more instant and noticeable. She decided to have a 6 treatment course of Collagen Lift, and has had an additional three maintenance sessions to keep her skin in great condition. She loved the relaxing treatment and by the second session she noticed her eyes and chin were less droopy. After six weeks, she was shocked and impressed with the results she had achieved. The treatment really has turned back the clock, as her whole face looks younger and fresher, with smoothed fine lines. Become a SkinBase Therapist now.

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