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Collagen Boosting Treatments To Get Clients In The Door

Think about your clients and what they need this winter. SkinBase’s Collagen Boosting Treatments will appeal to both your younger and older clientele. Emphasise to clients that they do not need to resort to painful and risky procedures. SkinBase Collagen Lift (CL) can be used all over – from head to toe. Make sure your clients know exactly what collagen boosting treatments you have available. Levels of collagen drop each year and this treatment can help to slow down this decline.  Prevention is always better than cure!

Collagen Lift

SkinBase’s Collagen Lift tightens, tones and lifts to achieve firm and youthful skin. If your clients need to tighten and firm, this is the treatment to recommend. No injectables or downtime required. Your clients can look forward to a more defined jawline. Target new clientele by making them aware of exactly what collagen boosting treatments you have on offer.

Collagen Boosting Treatments 

CL Face Treatment

This radio-frequency collagen-boosting treatment is super effective at lifting sagging jowls. Heating the deepest layer of skin, CL smooths fine lines and wrinkles. Relaxing and warm, it will brighten dull skin and give a healthy glow. Best of all it is a preventative treatment – keeping skin youthful for longer. 

CL Hands Treatment 

Hands are the first place to show ageing.  Turn back the clock for your clients by treating their hands. If they are conscious their hands give away their age help them by offering Collagen Lift to smooth away wrinkles and plump up skin. Incorporate CL into a manicure session for a deluxe pampering. You can add a massage to make them feel even more special.

CL Arms, Legs Treatments

Party season is almost upon us and what better time to boost collagen? For those planning parties, their arms and legs may want some attention ready for party dresses.  CL will tighten, firm and smooth the skin to boost confidence.

CL Bottom Treatment 

Bottoms stay covered up most of the year – and spend a lot of time sitting down! It is possible to maintain a summer glow through colder seasons with Collagen Lift targeting cellulite and fat. Bums will also lift and sculpt with this treatment, promoting natural collagen production each time. 

Collagen Lift Benefits

This collagen-boosting treatment is suitable all over the face and body – and on all skin types. It is effective, painless and relaxing. No downtime is required. A course of 6 treatments should be recommended to get the best results possible. Get the word out now so your columns fill up. 

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