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Collagen Lift treatments

Collagen Lift treatments from SkinBase

The latest system from SkinBase is Collagen Lift…

Collagen Lift

The Collagen Lift system uses radio frequency to exert its effects through the targeted delivery of heat through the dermis and into the subcutaneous layer. The heat is delivered below the epidermis, usually with no ablation. When this Radio Frequency energy meets resistance, heat is generated. This is how Collagen Lift treatments induce heat into human tissue. Research has shown that heating the dermis to a high enough temperature will cause collagen coagulation. This coagulation results in immediate skin shrinkage, and kick-starts the wound healing process. Neo-collagenesis and neo-elastinogenesis are induced, and during the remodelling process, new collagen gradually replaces the old leading to skin tightening.

Wound Healing Response

By heating the skin to at least 40°C, collagen denaturation occurs, causing the hydrogen bonds holding collagen fibres together to denature. As the tissue cools the bonds renature, but some change has occurred in the tissue architecture and a very mild wound healing response is stimulated. This vigorously stimulates the body’s own natural healing process, and old, lax collagen and elastic fibres are replaced with fresh, young and better organised fibres. A course of 6 Collagen Lift treatments is required, performed weekly or twice a week and the results last for up to two years.

Marketing your Collagen Lift Treatments

One of the most powerful marketing techniques used in the salon is before and after photographs in the reception area. With your client’s permission, this is a great way to show the very real results that can be achieved. This is a true way of showing prospective or existing clients that you and your equipment is capable of achieving these amazing results. This will also encourage them to start making the necessary steps to taking care of their skin. This photograph should be changed every month showing a range of different treatments available. Any client sitting in the reception area is a captive audience to these photographs. Us this to your advantage to drive bookings of courses for these treatments.

Retail Display

It also looks very impressive and enticing if your reception area is well stocked and well presented. Showcasing the retail products that the salon offers for all skin types, especially ageing skin types. Remember to make your recommendations at the consultation stage. Explain the benefits to your client and how products will help to achieve the results they are looking for.

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