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Create an Event Rather than a Sale

Sometimes, the way you say or word something can make all the difference. If you want to bring in new clients and giving your existing ones a little treat, you might be tempted to have a ‘sale’. However, the word sale can put people off. It also devalues your products and services as, if you believe in these products, they should be worth paying full price for. 

Instead, get creative and think of different ways to bring clients in. Hosting an ‘event’ can be a great way to do this and gives you a lot of options to play with when it comes to themes. Perhaps your staff have just trained in a new treatment, or you have a sparkling new range of treatments to show off. Having an event will allow you to showcase your fantastic products and services, letting those who attend know about any wonderful benefits. It’s also an excellent opportunity to offer samples and taster sessions. 

The Objective of Your Event

The main goal of your event is to upsell and turn potential clients into long-term clients. By offering samples, taster sessions and examples of how well your products and services work, you are inviting an entirely new audience to try out your services. 

An event is a fantastic opportunity that allows you to communicate with a large group of people who are all in the same place at the same time. This way, your message doesn’t get lost, and those who attend can get a little taste of what to expect if (or more likely when!) they come back for more. People feed off each other’s energy too, a few enthusiastic clients can get everyone else energised and booking in too.

Your Next Steps 

You need to think about what type of event you want to host; is it a grand unveiling of a new SkinBase treatment? Do you have some dazzling new skincare products to offer? Regardless of what you want to share with your audience, you must plan in advance and have all the details down to a T. 

Will you be offering free samples or treatments?

If you plan on providing some tasters of freebies for attendees, then you must have the staff available to help you with this. You don’t want to be getting pulled in every direction during the event to ensure that everyone has an allocated role and sticks to it. 

Are you providing nibbles?

Sometimes, nibbles and a glass of fizz (remember an alcohol-free alternative) can go a long way. When advertising your event, mentioning nibbles and fizz can actually work as a driver to entice people to come.

Consider running an offer.

An effective way to get people through the door to your event can be to mention there will be exclusive offers for attendees on the night. While you have a captive audience, small incentives to book can really pay off big time.  Don’t forget that group mentality too, once one person has booked this can often trigger others to follow suit. 

Advertise, advertise, advertise!

It’s all well and good hosting an event, but what’s the point if you don’t promote and no one attends? Tell all your existing clients via text, email and face to face conversations, advertise in local papers or publications and consider putting flyers up in the local community –  “Beauty event – Not to be missed!” Team up with another local business, perhaps a local psychic or reflexologist, what would get your clients interested?

Remember that a good event is a fabulous networking opportunity, so get chatting to lots of people and enjoy!

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