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high standards

Ensuring high standards

Now we are open again it’s important that we don’t get complacent about our standards. Although levels of Covid are relatively low currently it is up to us to ensure we maintain high standards within our industry.

We want clients to leave our premises spreading the news about how reassured they felt about the measures in place to give others the confidence to come back in. So, what can we do?

Risk Assessment

Make sure you carry out a regular risk assessment and keep this up to date.  Check the government clost contact guidance for any updates too. You need to make sure you mitigate as much risk as you reasonably can but remember we still want this to be a pleasant experience for clients!

Cleaning Schedule

Keep a printed and framed cleaning schedule on visible display in the salon. Keep a record of dates and times and the cleaning carried out. This will be a visual cue for you and is a nice added reassurance for clients that regular cleaning is taking space. And of course, we are sure your clients already know this but nice for them to be able to go and brag about how amazing and safe and clean their beauty therapist is!

Clean in front of the client

If you can, do an extra wipe down while your client is watching. Let them see you cleaning your hands and using sanitiser. We are sure most clients will know and assume you are doing this but it gives extra reassurance for clients to see you doing this.

Clear and regular communications with clients

Put up your Covid Rules and reminders for clients on the door and send to clients as a reminder of what you are doing to keep everyone safe. Message clients the night before with your checklist of what to expect and any procedure to follow when they arrive. This is also a good opportunity to check with clients they are not feeling unwell prior to their appointment.

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