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Exceed Your Clients Expectations

Exceed Your Clients’ Expectations – Under Promise and Over Deliver

It’s a universal feeling that there’s nothing worse than disappointment or not quite getting what you thought you were going to get. As a business owner, you can change this when it comes to your clients. The best way to do this is by under-promising and over-delivering where you can. This business practice will exceed your client’s expectations as they’ll be getting more than they thought, making them feel special and likely to return, and even get new clients through word of mouth. If you live by this premise, you can become successful very quickly. 

Let’s look at Amazon, for example. More often than not, they will email to notify you that your order is expected to arrive, let’s say, on Thursday by 9pm, but instead, it turns up on Tuesday at 1pm. Amazing, right? Not only have they exceeded your expectations and over delivered, but you also have your parcel earlier. Win-win. Amazon understands the value of exceeding expectations, which, in return, means their customers will keep returning.

How Can You Do the Same?

Do you want to implement this strategy in your salon, so clients stay loyal and even tip more generously? Start by thinking about what the average client is looking for – let’s say for this example they want microdermabrasion. But if that was all, wouldn’t they just go to the nearest and/or cheapest salon? 

If you can make the client’s appointment at your salon a pleasant and memorable experience, you will keep your loyal clients – and they will talk about you to their friends, and word of mouth is the best form of marketing, after all. 

Above and Beyond from the Very Start

From the moment a client comes into your salon, welcome them as if they are old friends. Pay them a (genuine) compliment, offer them a drink – maybe even a prosecco if it’s the weekend – and make sure they are well looked after. 

Once they’re in and comfortable, offer little perks that don’t cost you too much. For example, if someone’s in to have their hair done, an excellent but simple extra that will have your clients coming back for more is a relaxing head massage at the shampoo bowl. What’s brilliant about doing something like this is that they didn’t ask for it – it’s complimentary, but it was never advertised or offered to them, so it’s something for nothing. And everyone likes to think they’ve had something over and above the ordinary.

Making the Effort

It seems obvious, and you may already do it, but by going above and beyond in any way possible will really work in your favour. Simple things like giving a free taster of a service or a miniature beauty product with those who get an expensive treatment can be that little hook that brings high spending clients back again and again. 

But what is most important is that you offer customer service that is above and beyond before anything else – you can’t go wrong by being kind and accommodating.

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