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Fall into Winter – SkinBase Treatments to warm and soothe during the cooler months

As the weather cools down, now is the time to get clients in for those indulgent, warming treatments to make them look and feel amazing, and of course make the most of your SkinBase treatments. 

Ask our Experts – Treatment ideas 

Our trainers have put together their suggestions for some SkinBase treatments this Autumn and Winter, feel free to adapt these to suit!

The Collagen Cocoon – Face/Body Treatment 

  • Start with a body brush, 
  • Complete your Collagen lift protocol for face/ body, 
  • Effleurage x3 to each side of the body
  • With your chosen brand/product, ideally a balm/ butter, cocoon the body 
  • Complete a scalp massage.

Trainer Top Tips 

  • Warm your body butter/balm and scalp massage medium to make the treatment even more cosy and luxurious for clients. Incorporating the senses to make this treatment something for clients to tell their friends about.
  • For Christmas time use spiced apple/winter spice and cinnamon scents to create those festive feels.

MD Fortifying Facial

  • Bear walk up the body 
  • Complete microdermabrasion protocol
  • Perform eye revive with cold stones and an eye serum/cream (soothing/ hydrating ONLY) 
  • Apply calming, soothing, hydrating mask
  • Complete neck & shoulder massage using hot stones to relax and unwind tension 
  • Take off mask and finish facial procedure.

Trainer Top Tips

  • Use an essential oil chosen by your clients as it ensures its best suited to their needs/taste
  • A warm bed to create that cosy feel.
  • Ice globes could be included as that extra element for your eye revive.
  • The warmth and the coolness of this facial will help to re-energize the client and their skin.

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