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Father’s Day – Target Men Properly

As Father’s Day approaches, it is an excellent time to understand men as skincare consumers. It is easy to solely focus on women and buy into the idea that men are not interested in their skin, but it is not true. Male skincare is booming right now, and it is important to understand why so you can benefit from it.

Understand the Market

The uncertainty surrounding health and well being during the pandemic and subsequent lockdowns turned self-care into a priority for many people, especially men. They suddenly had access to more free time and a greater understanding of how skincare contributes to overall health. 

Social media usage increased significantly during this time; as people tried to stay connected. Therefore, men were more able to share their appearance online, and they also had access to everyone else’s. The so-called ‘Love Island effect’ suggests more men are prioritising their appearance than ever due to the increased visibility of highly groomed influencers and the desire to be like them. Therefore, men are more open to skincare products and professional treatments. 

Understanding why more men are interested in their skincare is the first stage in understanding the male skincare consumer. However, you must also understand what they want when purchasing, as their needs differ from women.

Short Term Focus

When women search for skincare products, they want to find the perfect product or service for their skincare routine for the future. On the other hand, men are not interested in a long-term commitment. They live and shop in the now. Consequently, they are not interested in how something will benefit them next month, and you must emphasise the short term benefits of a purchase. 

Benefits over Feelings 

Men are also not concerned with how skincare will make them feel. They do not care about how aspirational the brand is or even about the sensory properties. Men prioritise purpose, utility, and value. Therefore, you should be focusing on offering information regarding what something does for your skin and how effective it actually is. 

Address Specific Concerns

Men do not need unnecessary information in marketing. Their decision making is a very straightforward, yes or no, process. Therefore, the best way to target them is to avoid any additional information that will not contribute to their decision; and clearly offer solutions to specific concerns. For example, emphasise a problem area (e.g. acne) and identify a product or service you offer that will solve it (e.g. Microdermabrasion). 

Offer Proof

Finally, it is important that while you’re offering clear and straightforward information, you can also back it up with proof. When marketing SkinBase treatments to men, explaining the instant benefits while also showing before and after transformations is the best way to encourage purchasing.

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