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Four reasons clients don’t come back

Four reasons clients don’t come back

We work in a service industry and that means (you’ve got it) it’s all about the service. This also means if you’re looking for reasons why a client doesn’t come back you really need to be taking a look at your service for your answers.

1. A Bad First Impression 

This is the most important point. You will only ever make a first impression once so make sure it’s a good one. The first greeting, the first introduction, the first look at your business, make sure it reflects what you want people to say about you. Make a bad first impression and you are already on the wrong foot with your client and it’s a struggle to turn that around.

2. Poor customer service

Not taking a coat, offering a drink or magazine, not being attentive or greeting your customer in a timely manner can all leave them feeling a bit unloved and a bit underappreciated. It is these small things that can help to set your business apart from any other business offering the same or similar treatments. Don’t give your clients a reason to go elsewhere. Make sure your service keeps those clients returning.

3. You haven’t asked 

It might seem obvious but if you let that client walk out the door without their next appointment, the chances of them returning instantly decrease. They may have every intention of coming back but it’s easy to forget to ring and make an appointment or leave it too late to get in when you want. So help your clients out by getting them booked in at a time that suits them, and send a reminder before the date so they don’t forget.

4.Poor communication

Keep in touch. Especially if a client has gone off the radar for a while. Find out why. This is a way to get valuable feedback, why didn’t they come back? The answers may help you find ways to grow your business positively and hopefully bring more business back through the door.

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