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Help Clients Achieve the Best Skin Transformation 

Thanks to the rise of social media skincare is more popular than ever. This is a good thing for beauty professionals because people are more open to trying professional treatments. However, advice from non-professionals is easily accessible and potentially damaging. Internet advice is not tailored to particular skin types. Only us therapists are trained to cater to each client as an individual.  Only experts can guarantee the best skin transformations. 

Ask the Experts

With the onslaught of online information it has become more and more confusing for a beginner to get started. It is our job as therapists to give our clients all the information they need. This includes before and after their treatment. They need to know their skin type. Then we can recommend the best products for their skin. We want the best outcome for them. Prolong their results and ensure the best skin transformation possible. 

Good Advice

Using the wrong skincare ingredients and products for your skin type can damage the skin. Building a trusted relationship with clients is key. Position yourself as their skincare expert so they don’t need to go online. Get your clients to commit to a skincare routine for at least a month after their first treatment. Then they will witness their own skin transformation. A consistent and healthy routine can also offer mental health benefits. Who doesn’t love some ‘me’ time?

Thorough Consultation

Make it clear you have your clients’ best interests at heart. Don’t take clients on who you don’t believe the treatment is suitable for – or clients who won’t achieve the best results. Make sure your consultation process is robust enough to understand their skin – and their expectations. Show them some ‘Before’ and ‘After’ photos so they can anticipate what kind of results to expect. 

Tailor Treatments

Help your clients achieve amazing skin without the guesswork. Impressive results mean they will bring more clients through your door. Word of mouth is everything. Tailor each treatment to the individual and you will help them achieve the best skin transformation possible. Always emphasise the importance of sunscreen in any skincare routine. Prevention is better than cure. 

Unique Routine

Remind your client that each skincare routine is unique. With the help of your knowledge and advice they can create an effective routine that works for them. Get to the root of their skin concerns so you can educate and guide them to the best skin transformation.

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