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How much? That’s Cheap. What’s wrong with it!

Staying afloat during a pandemic means getting to the heart of what keeps clients coming back time and time again. Is it the standard of facial? This probably plays a part but it’s not what sets you apart from the competition in a crowded market and neither come to think of it is the price.

How much? That’s Cheap. What’s wrong with it!

Think about it, if you see something that seems too cheap, say a piece of furniture, what assumptions do you make about its quality? Your expectations for it are lowered by the low price and you might even ask what is wrong with it. The same goes for your treatments. Set a high price for your treatments and people will assume a level of quality and service that reflects that price. 

Make it an experience

Clients are rarely motivated to change salons because of cost or the quality of the actual service being carried out. They are however motivated by how you make them feel. Visiting your salon needs to be an experience that gives clients something that makes them feel good. Therefore, if we are intending to charge higher prices (we think you all should) let’s take a look at a few of the ways we can make sure our business can command this high price and keep clients loyal.

Start at the beginning – On the phone and at the door

This may very well start on the phone and so ensure that this is answered in a professional and friendly manner or there is a professional voicemail which clearly states when you will be back in touch. Be specific and make sure you do as you say. From the moment a client comes into your salon, do everything you can to make them feel welcome and valued. Make sure to greet the client as soon as possible, not greeting your customer in a timely manner can leave them feeling a bit unloved and a bit underappreciated. It is the small things that can help to set your business apart from any other business offering the same or similar treatments. Don’t give your clients a reason to go elsewhere. Make sure your service keeps those clients returning.

Keep it professional

Get ready. Be prepared. Be well organised and prepared for your client’s arrival so that you display a calm and confident exterior. This will instil both confidence in you as a therapist and in your professionalism, remember to smile and be positive. Make sure all your employees are aware of your expectations for service and attitude.

Consider the Small Touches

Warm towels, taking a coat, asking your client’s preference of drink (or knowing it if they are a regular -but still check!), checking if they need a top-up drink, checking they are warm and comfortable, think about your client and what you can do to make their experience as enjoyable as possible.


It goes without saying but your salon should sparkle and shine. Every inch of it, try to look at it from the client’s perspective. Enter the salon as your client, what are they seeing? Cast your eye around, check door handles, front of desks, under counters, mirrors, chairs, product displays, make sure they gleam!


Make sure the outside is as attractive as it can be, this will be the very first impression of your business before the client even sets foot inside. Try to make it as inviting as possible. Remove any weeds, brush regularly, make sure the paintwork is in good repair, windows clean, window display looking great. This is your chance to ‘Wow’ your clients, make it count.

Stay positive when with your clients

Remember clients come to you for an enjoyable experience. Try to avoid Covid talk if possible, concentrate on the positives and transport clients away from the worries they might have. It is a difficult time for everyone therefore let’s remind clients why they love coming to us.


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