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How to engage with clients during lockdown 2.0 

For many of us in the UK we are in a new lockdown and while we can’t see our clients for now we can make sure to engage with them online. This goes for everyone and should be a habit you get into to add real value to your social channels.

Post some live tutorials

Show your clients how to care for their skin, their nails, their feet, share your knowledge and engage them during lockdown. Video content is the best way as people tend to engage with this type on content for longer and it also gives prospective clients who might follow your page a chance to see you and learn a bit about you and the type of therapist you are.

Share your top tips

You can create simple visual posts using an app like Canva or again post a video, Facebook Live is great content and of course, the Facebook algorithms love it too so increase your reach with this type of content. If you are going to do it regularly, let clients know when you are going to be live so they can tune in and absorb your wisdom!

Share behind the scenes

Get on camera – Answer FAQS, explain how things work, show them what to expect. This is another opportunity to give potential clients a look around your business and get a feel for you. People buy people so the more personable you seem the more you will attract new clients to you. 

Create some treatment videos

Film your treatments so people can see how they work and what to expect. You can talk to your clients about the process, how it works and what skin concerns it can help with. This is a great way to generate interest in the treatment and you can talk to clients about how it can work for them. This might be difficult to do during lockdown with treatments unless you have a willing family member but it’s definitely something you can do with your retail products. Think of it like a virtual open evening for clients!

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