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How To Get New Clients in the New Year

A New Year is a great time to find new clients. How to channel your marketing efforts can feel confusing at times – but it doesn’t have to. New clients mean more profit in your business so it is worth investing the time to make a fresh start in the new year. January can feel like a tough time for salon owners, but with healthy resolutions in the air you can use this to your advantage. Here are our tips to help you grow your business in the New Year.

Referral Schemes

Encourage your loyal and satisfied clients to refer their friends – and reward them for it. Make sure the referral scheme is talked about. Don’t be passive and expect it to just happen. Clients need to know it exists and understand the rewards. Put up posters in the salon and advertise on social media. Splash it all over your website. If you don’t want to give money off, clients can be rewarded with treatment add-ons. Always thank your loyal clients for spreading the word.

Social Media 

We live in a social media age and that’s where people do their research before deciding to buy a product or service. Are you are using Instagram and Facebook well ? Use high quality images and useful video content. Show off ‘before and afters’ to showcase your skills to your potential new audience. Remember ‘Your network is your net worth’.

Run a Competition 

A competition is a great way to get your brand and services out there. You will gain exposure and engagement. Use a ‘like and share’ style competition on social media so your loyal clients can get involved. Consider running a ‘Selfie’ competition. This way new clients will become aware of you. Make sure your existing clients tag you!

Pair with Local Businesses 

Building relationships with businesses in your local area can be win-win for both of you. Think about partnering with a local clothes boutique who will send clients to you to get the perfect skin – and you will return the favour. Promote a photographer to your clients and get some shots for your website in return. Whatever businesses are around can be a great opportunity. Get creative – and get new clients!

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