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How To Master Your Salon Christmas Retailing

December is the biggest sales month for retail, so with some clever retail marketing ideas, you can have a successful Christmas. Think about strong visuals and creating a Christmassy atmosphere. This will encourage browsers to become buyers. Here are our top tips on how to ace your salon Christmas retailing.  

Stock up! 

Lots of last-minute gift buying happens towards the end of December. You don’t want to miss out because you didn’t order enough and you’re out of stock! Be prepared for the demand for your salon Christmas retailing, and order well in advance.   

Christmas Retail Window Display 

Your window display is a great place to focus your marketing – especially if you have lots of passers-by. Make it attention-grabbing and eye-catching so people can walk in and get what they need.  Consider the colours you are using – a bold red? Or a classy silver and gold? Green works for Christmas and also has sustainability and organic connotations.  Think about what suits your salon and ethos.   

Inside Displays

Don’t forget about the displays inside. Once you’ve pulled clients in – you want to keep them.  Make products look appealing and grab attention. Do you want to make your salon glittery or have twinkly fairy lights? Have some sort of simple organisation for clients – work out what’s best for you. Organise by price, type or brand and make prices easy to read. Host a Christmas event on a quiet day – this is a good time to offer tasters and patch tests or consultations. It will also help you beat the January slump by getting new clients lined up.   

Gifting Service

Have gift bags and gift wrapping on hand for customers who want the full package and don’t want to DIY. Having a ready-to-give gift makes it more appealing for most buyers. When thinking about placement, have the mini, inexpensive gifts by the till for impulse buys. Test the psychology that purchases are more likely to happen on the right side of the room. Have darker-coloured products lower than lighter-coloured products.  


Fulfil the other senses too and bring out the Christmas vibes. A “Christmas” scented candle (think cinnamon and cloves) and a playlist full of popular Christmas songs will keep your clients happy.  Or if your clients are trying to escape the constant loop of carols, make them happy by avoiding it altogether! Tickle their tastebuds with some mulled wine or some bubbly and a minced pie. Make them feel special so they want to come back for more! With a little thought and planning you can maximise your salon Christmas retailing – so what are you waiting for? 

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