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How To Minimise Salon Stress for Stress Awareness Month

April is Stress Awareness Month, and we’ve got some top tips to minimise salon stress. Even though salons are a haven of relaxation for clients, they can be very stressful for salon employees. Let’s find out what to do.


Top Tips to Minimise Salon Stress

Prevent stress before your body gives early signs of burnout.  Anxiety, headaches, muscle aches, exhaustion, appetite issues and trouble sleeping are all red lights! Is the best way to maintain a healthy lifestyle at work? No! So what can you do?


Plan Ahead

Plan your day, and your week, with a ‘to do’ list. Write your list every Sunday so you are ready for the week ahead and will avoid feeling overwhelmed. Be realistic with your workload and organise tasks in order of importance. This will reduce the stress attached to them. Make sure you set achievable goals, otherwise your ‘to do’ list will add to your stress.


Stay in the Moment

If you are completing a task or treating a client – do that! Don’t get distracted by worrying about the other things you have to do – you’ll get to them when you can. Staying in the moment will help you achieve the best results and experience for your client – with no distractions.


Take a Break

Don’t skip your breaks. Whatever is planned for your day (and regardless of how many clients you have booked in) make sure you take a break. Schedule it at a certain time if you need to. Create a routine and make sure you make time for yourself in your day. Sacrificing this time will increase your stress levels and make your day harder. This leads to stress in the long term.  At the same time, make sure your working hours are not too drastic. It is easy to be as flexible as possible to suit clients – but you can end up overworking yourself. Don’t work too late as it will affect your health and happiness in the long run.  



Reward yourself for hard work – a little treat can go a long way.  A cup of tea after a busy day, or a day out on your day off.  If you work hard – play hard too! Minimise salon stress for your team – and for yourself – by following our top tips to help see you through the busiest times. 

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