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How To Sell Services Without Overloading Clients

To attract clients and make your business known, you have to advertise and sell services. It might make you feel awkward or uncomfortable about overloading clients. The reality is, to have a successful business you need to Always Be Marketing. Having a steady marketing strategy is key to a steady footfall. Not only should you have a plan to market your services – but also to sell more products at the same time! Selling services can be tricky because they aren’t tangible – you can’t touch or see them. Focus instead on the benefits your client will get.

Seasonal Promotions

Plan to promote heavily based on the seasons in a year. Customers will expect (and appreciate) receiving information and offers during these times. Make things limited edition or ‘first come, first served’ to stimulate demand.

Communicate and Build Relationships

Make sure you are communicating with your clients. Work on developing a relationship with them during non-promotional times too. If you make the effort to get in touch even when you’re not promoting, your clients will respond better when you are.

Share Your Expertise

Offer something they value with your promotions. Promote your facials with Instagram reels showing the technique. Or offer tips and do a Q&A to share your expertise.

Free Consultations

Consider offering free consultations. If you deliver a great free experience to first-timers, they will be back. Get their contact details so you can get in touch in the future. Make it worthwhile so you convert newbies into loyal clients.

Keep Up Appearances

Make sure everyone on the team looks great and maintains their appearance. Selling skin services without good skin in your salon will be tricky! Keep up salon-worthy appearances. Provide discounts for your employees to make this easier.

Check Your Service Menu

Is there enough detail in your service menu? Does it explain what the treatment entails? Think about a restaurant menu – the more detail about the food you order the better. A detailed description is more likely to get bookings… and customers will be happier to make the purchase. Describe the likely results and benefits they will get. Selling services means selling yourself, your team and the value you have to offer. It may not feel natural to start with – but the more you do it the more natural it will become. 

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