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stand out in a crowd

How to stand out in a crowd

In times of economic uncertainty (let’s face it none of us are really sure how Brexit will affect us) we need to make sure we stand out in a crowded market place. So how can we do it?

Exceptional customer service 

Because ultimately this is what will keep clients coming back time after time. You might think price makes a difference but once you have a client through the door the price usually has very little to do with their choice to return. Is your customer service up to scratch? Let’s look at a few points that might make the difference.

  • Look up old clients

If you haven’t seen a few of your regulars for a while, it’s a nice touch to get in contact and check everything is okay. There may be a valid reason why they haven’t been in or they may have had a less than perfect experience which has put them off. Either way, it’s worth finding out and if it’s the latter you can attempt to make it right.

  • Incentivise (it’s more cost effective than trying to attract new clients)

Making sure your clients return is one of the easiest marketing tools in your repertoire – and much cheaper than trying to entice new clients in. Offer an incentive to get clients back, an upgrade maybe? If it was less than perfect service that stopped them coming back, send a card to say sorry that their experience has fallen short of your expectations and offer a small incentive to entice them back.

  • Avoid indifference 

I had to cancel an appointment back in June and I’ve still not rebooked. To be totally honest, I’m wondering whether to give somewhere else a go. It wasn’t that there was anything wrong with the service, but nobody has bothered to see why I’ve not been back and so I’m not feeling massively valued (I’m worth about £700 a year as a client). Keep in touch with clients. Put systems in place that will trigger some form of communication if a client hasn’t been seen in a while.

  • Keep it professional 

Once a client has become a regular, service can slip a little as you become familiar and a bit complacent with your client. Our advice is don’t, try to maintain professional boundaries at all times. Treat every client how you would treat a new client. Don’t get overfamiliar and that way you will always preserve your professionalism and your high levels of customer service. Moser

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