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How To Use Instagram To Boost Your Salon Business

With the number of instagram users expected to reach 1.4 billion in 2024, you need to have an instagram presence if you want to boost your salon business. Read on for our tips for getting the most out of Instagram.

Use Instagram To Boost Your Salon Business

There are lots of ways that you can use instagram to boost your salon business. 


Before and After Images 

Instagram is a visual platform, which is great for beauty businesses who have lots to show off. Before and after images are a fabulous way to capture your clients attention, and let your treatment speak for itself. A picture is worth 1000 words! If you are partnered with SkinBase and offer Microdermabrasion, Collagen Lift or Intense Pulsed Light, there are lots of before and after images from the Transformation of the Year competition available for you to use. You can find them on the Knowledge Base, just be sure to credit the original salon when posting them on your Instagram. 


boost your salon business - Rebecca Willshee


Go Live 

An Instagram Live is a great way to connect with your followers in real time and boost your salon business. You could set up a treatment with a model, and go live to show off each stage of the treatment. If you have a helping hand, you can respond to questions from potential clients as you go, to remove any barriers to booking with you. If you would prefer to focus on answering questions, you could simply do a live Q&A session. Request some questions in advance using your Instagram story, so you can prepare some answers. 


Trending Reels 

Use trending video idea, sounds and hashtags to increase your reach and boost your salon business. If you are getting involved in trends, ensure that they are current trends and haven’t been forgotten already. Scrolling through Instagram reels and selecting a sound with an arrow next to it will allow you to access the “trending audios” page, where they are listed from 1 to 50. Try to select an audio with less than 5000 uses to get the best results. 



Location is key on instagram in order to boost your salon business. Yes, it is beneficial to increase your reach as much as possible, but realistically those in the area local to you are going to be the ones swayed by your posting. Make sure your location is clear on each post, and include a location hashtag for anyone filtering their search for a new service that way. 



Communicate with Clients

Instagram is a great opportunity to communicate with your clients. This means posting, posting and posting some more. Keep them updated with everything you are up to, and remember, not everyone is seeing every post, so don’t limit yourself to posting about things once. Remember, social media is a two way relationship. Reply to comments, follow clients back, and use stories to get to know them. Instagram is a great tool in building a loyal client base and boosting your salon business. 


Encourage Word of Mouth 

Use your offline tools to encourage online word of mouth. Having a selfie frame with your insta handle and a hashtag can be useful in encouraging clients to post about their treatments and results and tag you. If individuals are searching for a new salon, they will pay attention to their friends posts. If the results are good enough – they will pay attention even if they are not looking for a new salon! 

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