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January Transformation Entries

This week, we crowned the winner of the Transformation of the Year 2022. SkinBase Therapist Hollie and her client Carla achieved fabulous results treating her acne with microdermabrasion. Now, they are each jetting off to the Caribbean – to celebrate their win in style! January Transformations are open now! Let’s take a look at the first SkinBase therapists aiming to take the crown for 2023.

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January Transformation

Beauty by Joanne Smedley

Our first entry of the new year! This fabulous January transformation was entered by SkinBase Therapist Joanne, after treating her client with 6 Collagen Lift sessions. As the after image shows, the client’s skin is much smoother and softer looking. Her fine lines and wrinkles have minimised, creating a SkinBase glow. Here’s what her client had to say:

Client Testimonial: “I must admit I was a bit sceptical about the claims of the treatment but after chatting with Jo I decided to give it a go. The treatment is relaxing and not onerous. I’m really pleased with the results, they appear subtle but the impact is there to see and, what’s more, I’m told the results will continue over time. Excellent.”


January Transformation of the Year


Waxed By Lex

January Transformation

SkinBase Therapist Alexa also achieved these fantastic results with a 6 treatment course of Collagen Lift. A Collagen Lift tummy transformation made the competition final last year – and we can see why! The heated wand is the perfect match for stubborn wrinkled skin.

Alexa’s client was so happy with her results, adding: “you basically gave me my belly button back. It’s been so nice chatting with you too. I’ve looked forward to every session just for our chats.”


If you want to transform your clients – find out more about Collagen Lift here.

January Transformation of the Year



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