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Lockdown 2.0

So here we are again. Many areas of the UK and Ireland are now back in lockdown and so we’ve been thinking about what we can do during this time to help our businesses and sell products and treatments…

Online Consultations

Offering personal online consultation to clients is a great way to engage them and talk about their skin concerns and how you can help. Have a good chat, find out what their concerns are, what’s holding them back and find out what they hope to achieve for their skin. You can work from there to outline a treatment plan and skincare regime to get these results.

Think long term

Looking after your skin is not a quick fix and clients should be looking to start a plan for their skin that continues beyond their course of treatments to maintain their results and keep their skin in great condition (You will actually save them money in the long run as the treatment plan will be preventative). You can retail products to clients during lockdown and have appointments scheduled for treatments after. Retailing your own products to use will ensure your client is using products that are suitable for use with your treatment plan and that you know work.

Keep in touch regularly

Once your client has started on their treatment plan make sure to keep in touch with them closely, so follow up treatments reiterating the importance of sticking to the aftercare and following a good skincare routine. If your client can commit to making lifestyle changes too this will help to enhance the results further.

Suggested Post to Client:

  • Do you want skin that looks amazing for the rest of your life?
  • Do you want your friends to ask how you stay looking so good?
  • Have you got the time and desire to make improvements to your skin right now?

Yes? Then message us today to find out more. We are offering a completely free online consultation to help you achieve these results.

A Couple of Things to Remember

  • You are not your client. DO NOT assume to know what they can afford! So many therapists say things like ‘my client won’t pay those prices’ ‘my client can’t afford’. Let your client worry about the finances, you concentrate on providing the best solution to your client’s skin concerns.
  • Do not apologise for your prices or the cost of your treatment plan. You are about to transform your client’s skin using your knowledge and expertise, this has immense value! Do not undermine yourself or put doubt in your client’s mind. Be confident!

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