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believe in transformation: march microdermabrasion

March Microdermabrasion 

Spring is the perfect time for a skincare renewal, and a March Microdermabrasion is the best way to spring clean your skin for the new season. It is no surprise then that we have received lots of fabulous March Microdermabrasion entries to the Transformation of the Year competition. Let’s take a look!   march microdermabrasion naked skin clinic

Microdermabrasion x 4 

Naked Skin Clinic

Therapist Noleen is loving the results that she is achieving with SkinBase Microdermabrasion. She opted for 6 sessions for this client, and the before and after images show the skin before and after the 4th treatment. Pigmentation is coming to the surface and reducing brilliantly after each MD, fine lines around mouth and eye area are reducing and overall skin texture is so much brighter & healthier. Client Testimonial: “I’m loving this treatment, my skin is glowing and it’s getting rid of all my pigmentation.”     march microdermabrasion dv massage and skincare

Microdermabrasion x 12 

DV Massage & Skincare

SkinBase Therapist Daniel treated his client with 12 sessions of Microdermabrasion to achieve these fabulous results, and he says the results are even better in real life. Client Testimonial: “I am absolutely in love with microdermabrasion. Microdermabrasion is the treatment for me – I suffered with acne in my teens and spot prone skin throughout adulthood. At 43, my skin was red, inflamed with large, blocked pores, scarring and the emergence of many fine lines! I cannot believe the difference and that I waited so long! My face looks clearer, smoother, brighter and it is reducing the appearance of fine lines and helping my face feel firmer. I receive regular comments about how radiant my skin looks (no one has ever said I glow before now!). As well as all of this, I feel like my face can breathe for the first time in years. I will not be without microdermabrasion!”   march entry crystals beauty

Microdermabrasion x 6

Crystal’s Beauty 

Client Testimonial: “My skin before having my facial treatments with Crystal was very dull, had lots of blackheads and I felt like it had no glow, after the first session I could see a difference already and my skin looked so much healthier. After finishing the course of 6, my skin looks the best it has in a long time. I am so pleased with the results and I will definitely keep up my monthly maintenance to keep my skin looking and feeling great. Thank you Crystal for making me feel more confident in my skin again.”   Become a SkinBase Therapist with a two week free trial of Microdermabrasion.

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