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believe in transformation: may entries

May Entries: Transformation of the Year 

We are already almost half way through the Transformation of the Year 2024 competition, and we have received lots of fabulous before and afters. Our May Entries are no different! Let’s take a look at the fabulous transformations that have been entered this month.

May Entries

IPL Rejuvenation

Bijou Beauty Room

This month, SkinBase Therapist Alison had multiple May Entries, including this fabulous IPL hand transformation.

Client Testimonial: “I always felt my hands gave my age away and I was very conscious about people noticing the age spots and crepey skin. I would get my nails done but feel like my hands really aged me. The treatment didn’t hurt at all, Alison used a cooling handset to anaesthetise the area and then a few flashes of light and we were done. I always use a hand cream with an SPF now and always will going forward. I feel very lucky to be given a second chance of youthful looking hands again.”

Collagen Lift


Clara at Epilaser treated her client with 6 Collagen Lift treatments and added these fabulous before and afters into the May Entries.

Client Testimonial: “I am aware that at this age I cannot and do not want to appear to be 30. What I would like, in general, is to look a little younger.”

Collagen Lift Ultimate 

Lauren’s Beauty & Massage

Lauren treated her client with 10 Collagen Lift Ultimate sessions to treat her skin concerns: texture, stretch marks and loss of elasticity.

Client Testimonial: “Lauren is the ultimate professional, from consultation and the whole way through the treatment she explained all the benefits and how everything worked to get the most amazing results! I was nervous at first but her knowledge and lovely nature put me totally at ease, she constantly checked in on me, during and between treatments to check I was coping ok and ensuring I was getting maximum benefit! After 9 years I finally feel confident enough to wear a bikini again…thank you so much Lauren.”


Flawless Aesthetics 

Another of the fabulous May Entries. SkinBase Therapist Samantha treated her client with a mini course of 3 Microdermabrasion sessions. Her client was concerned with dull, lifeless skin, as well as some pigmentation. She is so happy with the results so far, noting that her skin is much clearer with less breakouts and pigmentation is improving!

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