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believe in your marketing: Mother's Day marketing

Mother’s Day Marketing Tips

Mother’s Day is on March 10th in 2024. If you’re a mum yourself we hope you’re looking forward to a lovely day! Until then, you have lots of time to get your Mother’s Day marketing ready. SkinBase treatments and skincare products are perfect for mums.

Stay Compassionate 

One thing that is important to remember in your Mother’s Day marketing – it is not always a happy occasion. For women struggling with fertility or loss, it can be a difficult day. You can stay compassionate by always writing ‘Mother’s Day’ in the text of your posts and in your email subject lines. Those that have opted out of communications will be able to avoid your Mother’s Day marketing messages. Make sure to intersperse your Mother’s Day content across social media sites with plenty of other content too.


Be Inclusive

If you’re targeting mums – you’re targeting a wide range of people. There are all sorts of different mums and mother figures to be celebrated in March, which means there are lots of different ways you can talk about Mother’s Day in your marketing. This is beneficial as you can reach a large number of people. Be careful not to exclude by using restrictive language or imagery. 


SkinBase Treatments for All

You can expand your Mother’s Day marketing to reach more potential clients, as SkinBase treatments are as versatile as mums are, and there is a treatment for everyone. Studies suggest that lots of women report a dip in confidence and self esteem after having children, because of the emotional and physical toll it can take on the body. SkinBase treatments offer a moment of relaxation, pampering and indulgence. Even better than that, they provide seriously effective results. So, mum’s can receive the gift of boosted confidence, and get the skin they’ve always wanted! 


Partner Up for Mother’s Day 

Another good way to maximise your mother’s day marketing and target the variety of mums out there, is to partner up with another local business. A gift voucher is the perfect Mother’s Day gift as it can be traded in for a lovely, relaxing experience – especially for the mum who has everything. However, when individuals are looking for gifts for their loved ones, they want something big and eye-catching. You can create bespoke gift packages, combining your partner businesses offerings with your vouchers and retail products. When partnering up to create packages, think about what people enjoy receiving on Mother’s Day – flowers, chocolates, jewellery etc., and go from there. 


In-store events

To tie in with your partnership, or as a standalone aspect of your mother’s day marketing, you could have an in-store event. While mother’s day is centred around mums receiving gifts, there is no reason why they can’t treat themselves too. In-store events are a great way to attract attention and give mums an opportunity to splurge on themselves for once. By offering free skin consultations and patch tests, you can start conversations with mums. Identify their skin concerns, and point them in the direction of the perfect SkinBase treatment. In-store events are a great way to make a memorable impression and get people talking, and a good way to make some engaging social media content too. 


SkinBase Transformation of the Year 

With the SkinBase Transformation of the Year 2024 competition happening right now, it is a great time to promote courses of treatment to transform Mum’s skin this Mother’s day. Client before and afters are a great way to show your potential clients what they could achieve with a course of SkinBase treatment. There are a wide range of results and testimonials available for you to use if you are a SkinBase Therapist. If not – what are you waiting for? Become a SkinBase Therapist today. 

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