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Collagen Lift transformations

New Year Collagen Lift Transformations

We’ve had lots more entries to the SkinBase Transformation of the Year Competition this week. Our SkinBase Therapists have been boosting collagen and helping clients with their new year skin. Let’s take a look at some of the fabulous Collagen Lift transformations.

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Naturally Beautiful Somerset

Collagen Lift x 6

A fantastic before and after from Naturally Beautiful salon, which shows why the treatment is the Collagen Lift! Lucy’s client’s cheeks are much more lifted, and her skin is smoother. Her fine lines and wrinkles, particularly around her mouth and eyes are much less visible.

Client Testimonial: “I am on my 7 th treatment of the collagen lift with Lucy, I can see a difference in my lines,  it has gently started to soften them. Excited for some more results.”



Beauty by Joanne Smedley

Collagen Lift x 6

Another fabulous Collagen Lift transformation from Beauty by Joanne Smedley! As you can see, she has totally transformed her client’s skin. The tone and texture of her face is much smoother and softer – with a nice SkinBase glow! Joanne’s client said: during my Collagen Lift treatment course I was extremely impressed after each treatment. The improvement in texture and tone to my skin was clearly noticeable and the final result was first class. Clearly a high end product with high end results.”



Waxed by Lex

Collagen Lift x 6

Alexa’s client had six treatments of SkinBase Collagen Lift. She is so pleased with her results – here’s what she had to say:

Client Testimonial: “I’ve just finished a course of 6 collagen radio frequency treatments with Lex and I am delighted with the results. I feel like all my face lines have greatly reduced but noticed the biggest improvement around my mouth, eyes and forehead. At first I was sceptical if this treatment would be any good as it’s so relaxing and warm to have it done but I’m so pleased I decided to try it. I will definitely keep up with the maintenance.”

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