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November Skin

November Skin Treatment Transformations

It is the FINAL week of the SkinBase Transformation of the Year 2022 Competition. SkinBase therapists have been transforming clients all year long, and they’ve both been winning prizes along the way. As well as achieving fantastic skin, we’ve given away thousands of pounds in vouchers, countless SkinBase awards, and the opportunity to win a Caribbean holiday! Let’s take a look at the last few entries of 2022.


If you’re a SkinBase therapist and you didn’t enter this year, don’t hesitate to get involved in the SkinBase Transformation Of The Year 2023 competition.



November Skin Treatment – IPL

True Essence Beauty Clinic

Danielle’s client suffers from polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) and has lots of unwanted hair as a result. She wanted to get rid of it, and had 8 sessions of IPL Hair Reduction at True Essence Beauty Clinic. She is so happy with the results she has achieved, and she can’t believe the difference in my hair growth in just 8 sessions. The IPL treatments have given her such an unbelievable boost of confidence. Her skin is now softer and smoother, and she is so pleased that she doesn’t have to shave everyday as before.



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November Skin Concern: Ageing

3 x Collagen Lift Treatments

Ageing skin is easily rejuvenated with the SkinBase Collagen Lift treatment. You can be happy in your skin and feel like you again with the radio-frequency technology. Jackie at Natural Glow treated her client with just 3 sessions of Collagen Lift to achieve these fantastic results. Her client does not usually have treatments or focus on skincare, and he is so glad that he did! Here’s what he had to say:

“I got persuaded to be a model for Jackie, and I don’t usually go in for beauty treatments. I have to say, I was impressed with the results! My skin feels very smooth and it’s definitely made a difference. I’ve obviously been missing out all these years! Thank you.”



To find out more about SkinBase Collagen Lift, and to be added to the machine waiting list, get in touch now!




November Skin Microdermabrasion –

Revive Health and Beauty

Client testimonial: “I am so impressed with this treatment. I couldn’t believe the before and after pictures of myself, especially my nose area. Danielle has “healing hands” and I feel so relaxed having a treatment with her. I enjoy this treatment so much that I would have it even if there wasn’t any change to my skin, but the added bonus is that it has worked wonders and I intend to carry on having this treatment.”



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