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Prevention is better than cure

We love our treatments here at SkinBase, but if we could give just one tip to clients for their skin it would be to use an SPF daily. Seriously, this one good deed can help prevent so much damage to skin that clients will be thanking you for their enviably youthful looking skin in years to come. Everyone should be doing it, every day, all year round!

Why is SPF so important?

The sun’s UV rays are so damaging to our skin. The majority of skin damage is thought to be cause by sun damage. We’re sure you’ve probably seen that picture that does the rounds of the truck driver and the damage to his skin on the side of his face next to the window. This is a clear and visible demonstration of the power the sun has to damage our skin. It causes wrinkles, pigmentation and damages the collagen and elastin that keeps skin plump and firm.

What kind of damage is the sun doing to our skin?


The Sun can trigger the overproduction of melanin as the body tries to protect itself from damage from UV caused by the sun. This can results in age spots, patches of melasma and brown spots.

This type of energy penetrates deeper into the skin causing damage to the lower levels of our skin which can lead to the formation of lines and wrinkles.

Breakdown of collagen and elastin

Collagen and Elastin help to keep our skin plump and firm, without it skin begins to sag, wrinkle and lost its elasticity all of which has an ageing effect on our skin.

Stock up on your homecare cream

SkinBase homecare cream with spf 30 is a great product for clients to use after their treatment to ensure they are protecting their skin. We recommend you offer one free with a course of facials. Contact the office to order.

Vitamin D

Sunlight is an important source of vitamin D and so a little bit of sun is still healthy for us. But remember to always tan safely, never let skin burn and try to avoid the hottest parts of the day when the sun is most harmful.

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