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Put Communication at the Forefront of Your Business 

Engaging and open communication is key to retaining your clients on a long-term basis. From the minute you pick up the phone to the moment you say goodbye, the interactions you have with your clients are key to its success.

Why Does Communication Matter in the Beauty Industry?

In a salon environment, you connect with people through communication and conversation. Effective communication instils a trust in your clients that, along with a great treatment and service, can potentially turn them into regulars.

Speak with Clarity and Confidence

Clarity is particularly important in a salon environment as the client’s understanding of the treatment will help to manage their expectations and ensure they get the most out of their treatment. Make sure to keep good client records and always check that the client’s circumstances and medical history have not changed. Repeat the aftercare and supply a written copy if you can. When you speak with clarity, your clients will understand what you are saying to them and the message you are trying to convey.

Make sure your product knowledge is excellent, know the features and benefits of all your services. This will allow you to speak with confidence, and clients will be more likely to be moved to action by your words. Explain procedures and protocols to your clients so that they are fully aware of what to expect; allow them to understand that you know what you’re talking about.

Turn Your Clients into Regulars

How you communicate and treat your clients will affect whether or not they come back, how often they do so and how much they choose to spend on your products and services.

An effective way to assess the communications and interaction of your business is to try and look at your salon from the customer’s perspective.

Consider the following:

•    Taking calls – When your salon phone rings, try and pick it up promptly and come across friendly and informative. That initial interaction is crucial in engaging a potential client.

•    Client arrivals – As soon as someone walks through the door, kindly welcome them, take their details and offer to take their coat. It’s also important to give them an idea of timing. ‘I will be with you in a couple of minutes, in the meantime, my colleague will take your coat and get you a drink if you would like one?’

•    Be engaging – When at work, discipline yourself to talk around 20% of the time and listen attentively for around 80% of the time. Maintain eye contact and give your attention, and remember that questions are more important than answers.

•    Incentivise your clients – Before your client leaves the salon, offer them an incentive to encourage them to come back. This could be a discount off future services, the option for a free treatment if they refer a friend or an invitation to a loyalty scheme.

•   Ask the client to rebook. When the client is ready to pay, offer to book their next treatment based on the recommendations you have given them.

If you want to find out ways in which the communication in your salon could be improved, consider getting treatments in local salons that hold a good reputation with a strong client base; there’s a lot to be learned from competitors.

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