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Reassure Clients

Reassure Clients About COVID-19 Safety Measures in Your Salon

While many salons in the UK are now back in lockdown, we can take the time to consider what we can do to reassure clients further. After the initial rush of clients when reopening you may have noticed some familiar faces missing. Some clients are cautious about returning to the salon for their regular services – which is completely understandable. 

As beauty professionals, we are there to put our clients at ease and to help reassure them during these unprecedented times. But we must also understand that some clients might not feel ready to return just yet. As a starting point, we should be ensuring that all staff are trained to the highest standard and risk assessments and procedures are checked and assessed regularly. Share this information with clients to reassure them and let them know what you are doing to ensure a safe environment. 

Use Your Social Channels

Reach out to your existing clients on your social media platforms and let them know – in detail – all the steps you are taking to ensure everyone is safe. Post pictures of the salon changes, clients adhering to the new guidelines and motivational content that will put your clients’ minds at ease. 

Keep a Clean and Safe Salon

Of course, you’ll be going to great lengths to ensure your salon is cleaned and maintained to a very high standard. But if you have to, make up a rota so that each member of staff takes responsibility for a certain aspect of cleaning every day to ensure it gets done. At first, we may all be hands on deck but make sure standards don’t slip by keeping up with a tight cleaning schedule. If you’re seen to be keeping a clean salon, your clients will feel more confident in using your services. 

Talk About the Products You Use

Psychologically, people are often reassured by detail and visual representation, especially in uncertain times. So, when you speak with clients or post on social, be sure to explain exactly which products you’re using to keep a squeaky-clean environment, and what steps are involved in your cleaning process. When your clients can visualise the steps you’re taking, they’re more likely to come back with confidence. Cleaning measures between appointments is something that you should be heavily talking about to reassure clients. 

Your Salons Safety Measures

The new normal is pretty daunting for many of us. Especially for those who are anxious about what steps to take or how things work in the world now. Ease their minds by talking them through how your salon works and explain that their safety is always at the forefront. Again, this can be communicated on social media as well as during appointment phone calls. 

Showcase Any New Qualifications 

COVID-19 has seen the introduction of many new qualifications that demonstrate colleagues are up to standard when it comes to cleanliness, health and safety and regulations around the virus and managing its impact. If this is something you or your staff have taken part in, make sure you’re letting everyone who comes into contact with your salon know. 

We’re all in this together, and one of the stand-out messages during this pandemic is how we have all pulled together. Speak to other businesses and professionals if you need the support – especially here at SkinBase, we are a support network for one another.

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