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Rebooking Clients

Rebooking Clients – Why It Should Be a Focus

Rebooking clients should be a priority. Discuss rebooking during a salon visit. It is beneficial to both parties and an easy way to increase income.

So how does it benefit your client?

  • Booking an appointment during your client’s current appointment. This ensures they are having regular repeat appointments 
  • Your client can stay on course with your treatments. This means better long-term results (as shown by the SkinBase B+As from the competition)
  • It offers greater flexibility. If your client leaves it too late after their last appointment they may miss out on a convenient day or time
  • It reduces disappointment when your client can’t be squeezed in. Then they won’t have an appointment until longer than recommended
  • It makes your client feel valued. Booking in the next appointment during the current one shows that your therapist cares about your course of treatments. They want the best results and they value your business.
  • Rebooking builds trust between your client and you, the therapist. Trust takes time. Regular appointments are the best way to establish it.

How does it benefit the therapist?

  • Encouraging client rebooking allows the therapist to retain a steady stream of clients
  • It fills the columns and makes planning easier. It is a simple way to increase income
  • You have more control and less confusion than last-minute appointments and overbooking
  • It increases client loyalty. You can rest assured that they will keep coming back
  • Rebooking clients reduces costs. Salons pay less to retain clients than to attract clients. You can spend less on marketing
  • You will have a better insight into your own performance and how to improve if there are consistent appointments.

What is the best way to encourage rebooking?

  • Many therapists don’t want to seem pushy. The best way is to discuss the optimum time for your client’s next appointment. Reassure them it will keep their skincare regime on track
  • Make it clear what course of action you recommend. Eg. “I would like to see you again in 4 weeks’ time”…
  • Remind your client that regular maintenance produces the best results
  • Consider offering a rebooking discount. Perhaps a percentage off their next visit
  • Create a loyalty program. Your clients will feel they are part of an exclusive community. Tell them about seasonal promotions ahead of time to plant the rebooking seed.

Instilling a rebooking culture in your salon is one of the easiest ways to increase your revenue stream. Excellent customer service and encouraging clients to rebook will lead to business growth. 

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