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Salon spotlight

Salon Spotlight

Salon Spotlight – A chance to shine and influence others

Over the coming months, the SkinBase team are going to be blogging all about YOU. We want anybody who hasn’t yet tried a SkinBase treatment, to see exactly what they are missing out on. So, by introducing our “Salon Spotlight” feature, we will be able to show tried, trusted and honest methods of making SkinBase work for you and your business.

What key information can we give to you?

We will speak to a different SkinBase stockist each month, some of the questions we will be asking include;
  • How long have you been offering SkinBase treatments in your business?
  • What made you decide to choose SkinBase?
  • How popular is SkinBase with your clients?
  • What skin complaint do you most commonly treat with your SkinBase machine?
  • Do you have any advice for any beauty professional that is thinking of taking on a SkinBase machine?

So what does this mean for you?

If you are a SkinBase Therapist, not only does it give you the chance to get a shout out for your own business, it gives potential clients the chance to hear all about the benefits of SkinBase treatments and how it could work for their business too. It will also allow us to publish tips, case studies, advice and new methods of business management, to help new or thriving businesses out there make the right choices when selecting new treatments to offer their eager clients.

Get involved

If you are currently a SkinBase Therapist, (mobile or static) and interested in being part of our Salon Spotlight feature please get in touch. If there is anything you think we should know about your business story that makes it just that little bit different, whether that is; specialist skincare knowledge, prestige training and experience, or how you built your business from scratch, we want to hear. Contact us with your story now.

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