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salon valentine's marketing

Salon Valentine’s Marketing Ideas

There is no better gift than relaxation – and a boost of confidence. This is exactly what a SkinBase treatment provides, so sort your salon Valentine’s marketing and let clients know. Everyone wants to look good regardless of their Valentine’s Day plans, so  V day is the ideal opportunity to get clients through your door.


Salon Valentine’s Marketing

Valentine’s Visuals

Your salon Valentine’s Marketing is the perfect time to get visual.  Think about the colours and symbols you use – reds, pinks, hearts and roses all pull people in. Use visually appealing décor and remain consistent online and offline. You will sell the feeling of love (self-love, romantic love, friendship). Let’s remember that Valentine’s Day looks different for everyone.


Plan Ahead

Start in advance. It is best to start promoting a few weeks before Valentine’s Day. This allows people enough time to book an appointment, or to buy gifts. 


Vouchers & Packages

Promote gift vouchers and retail packages in the run up to Valentine’s. Promote them across social media too. This will widen your reach and encourage people gifting to gift with you.


Spread the Love

Spread the love to your loyal clients.  Go old school and mail Valentine’s cards to them. Offer a discount or free upgrade vouchers to thank them for their business This will help you to maintain these relationships.  For clients in the salon on Valentine’s Day, offer free upgrades (masks, massages) to show them some love too.



Don’t just sell. Give too – with a fun giveaway on social media.  Ask followers to tag someone who deserves a Valentine’s treat, and follow and share your post to enter.  Then you can give away a free treatment voucher to the winner. This will boost your reach and increase your followers.


Team Up

Team up with a local business to create the perfect Valentine’s gift packages and to double your reach. Think chocolate, flowers, and jewellery.  Swap your customer bases and put together a perfect Valentine’s package between you. Advertise each other’s Valentine’s offerings on social media and have their promotional cards at your till. Ask them to do the same.


Have Fun!

Don’t forget to have fun. Marketing is most authentic (and clients will feel their best) when you are having fun. Salon Valentine’s Marketing has never been easier. So pump up the love in your salon and on your socials to bag a successful Valentine’s Day this February. 

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