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SkinBase Christmas marketing

SkinBase Christmas Marketing Tips

During many months of the year, your marketing strategy will be focused around getting new clients in the door. However, the festive period is hectic. Your chairs will fill themselves with those you see every week and those you haven’t seen in a while. So, for your Christmas marketing strategy, we suggest focusing on how you can maximise the value of all of those clients coming in the door instead. Increase retail sales, build relationships, encourage loyalty and retention and maximise those average spends!

Christmas Marketing Tips 

Read on for some Christmas Marketing tips, focused around spreading festive cheer to enhance your relationships with clients. 


Spread The Festive Cheer…

with Decorations

During the stressful Christmas marketing period, your business should be a haven of relaxation and peace for frazzled clients. So – maybe avoid a constant loop of repeating Christmas songs. But, you can still get creative with Christmas decorations. Decide on a theme that fits with your interior, and make it happen! Pop up a tree, have some relaxing, twinkly lights, and get the festive cheer going. Creating an environment of visual and sensory stimuli is helpful in encouraging clients to purchase. This is particularly true when clients are feeling positive emotions, so don’t be a grinch – spread the festive cheer.


With Party Prep

With family reunions, office parties and a lot of photographs happening – everyone wants to look their best for the festivities. So, spread the festive cheer in your christmas marketing by getting clients prepped and ready for the party season! There is no need to be discount driven, as people are not afraid to spend at Christmas. Focus on treatment packages with enticing add ons – a free full sized product or a deluxe treatment upgrade. You could offer a free soothing mask after a SkinBase Microdermabrasion session when booking 6 sessions. Maybe a free bottle of aloe vera gel when booking a course of SkinBase IPL, or additional relaxing massage when investing in SkinBase Collagen Lift.


With Enticing Retail

Gifting is exciting, and clients want inspiration and ideas in the run up to Christmas. Remember, everyone will have lots of people on their list to buy for – family, friends, secret santa’s, and even themselves! Have lots of varied products on show to satisfy this range of needs. Remember to talk about product benefits in your christmas marketing, give recommendations and help clients see how your retail will benefit them. To begin, ensure you have eye-catching retail stands and displays. Have various gifts across different price points. If you are focusing on retail, ensure a member of staff is always available to help with purchasing – clients will not stand around and wait for an impulsive gift.


With Local Partnerships

Getting involved in the local community as part of your christmas marketing is a great way to give back, while also helping your business and your clients. At Christmas, everyone is trying to find the perfect gifts and ease their stress, and businesses are trying to find their ideal clients. A festive event bringing together members of the local community with a few local businesses is a win/win situation.


When partnering with other local businesses, try to find those that offer things you do not, while targeting a similar audience. If you do not know where to start, remember, when approaching other businesses with a partnership offer, don’t forget to explain how you suit their business, not just how they suit yours.


With Social Media

Social Media is a fast, convenient way to get on top of your Christmas marketing. Spread festive cheer, stay in touch with your clients, and keep them updated on what you’re up to. Don’t forget to give your socials a festive update by renewing your cover picture, updating your profile picture and include your special Christmas opening hours in your bio. If you are struggling with social media, or can’t find the time, a Christmas competition is a great way to kickstart your social strategy. Have clients follow, like and share to win a festive treat. Whether it is a free product or service, make it enticing so it is shared and engaged with as widely as possible. The boost it will have on your reach will help you build your social media ready for the new year.

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