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collagen lift new year marketing

SkinBase Collagen Lift New Year Marketing

The new year is a great time to get back into a routine after the chaos of Christmas. It’s an ideal time to pick up some healthy habits – and a great time to make new and existing clients aware of the SkinBase radio-frequency treatment with some Collagen Lift new year marketing.

Collagen Lift New Year Marketing

The Collagen Lift treatment lifts, sculpts and boosts volume. The treatment builds heat in the deep layers of the skin and the heated ceramic wand stimulates the body’s natural production of collagen.. The higher temperature triggers natural responses in the body. Resulting in the increase of collagen and elastin production. Start 2024 with some smart Collagen Lift New Year marketing to give your new year a boost.

1. Talk about the treatment

Don’t wait for clients to prompt you before you discuss the treatment. If they mention their new year health kick, or the need for a pickup during the January slump, tell them all about your new offering. Recommend the treatment if you think it would be right for them. It is suitable for all skin types.

2. Emphasise the benefits  

Clients don’t just want to know what the treatment is. They want to know what it will do – and how it will make them feel. When talking about the treatment with clients, don’t forget to emphasise the benefits. Tell them it’s a confidence- boosting treatment that will turn back the clock on their skin. Not only will their skin look fresher, it will be plumper too. They won’t look back.

3. Show – don’t just tell

Use before and after images from the SkinBase Transformation of the Year book. This will show clients that what you are telling them about has visible results. Always have the Transformation of the Year book out on show – and make sure it’s open and ready. 

4. Don’t forget about the body  

SkinBase Collagen lift is a versatile treatment and is effective all over the body. So don’t just promote it as a facial – you can also offer body treatments. Collagen Lift can treat arms, thighs, bottom and the tummy! There is no limit – it firms and tightens loose skin, wherever it may be. 

5. Don’t forget about add-ons 

Make the treatment more deluxe with add-ons.  Offer Microdermabrasion as an extra – which then becomes the Collagen Lift Ultimate treatment. Or add a massage or mask with their treatment. Once they see and feel the results, they are bound to come back for more. 

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