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IPL Melasma

SkinBase IPL Melasma Transformation

It is springtime! Clients are rejuvenating their skin, and lots of entries for the Transformation of the Year 2023 competition have been coming in throughout March. We received our first IPL Rejuvenation transformation, and what a fantastic before and after it is. Let’s take a look!

IPL Melasma Transformation

IPL Melasma Transformation

The Jay’s Nest

A fabulous IPL Melasma transformation for March. Sarah treated her client with 6 IPL Rejuvenation treatments and has completely changed her life. Here’s what the client had to say:

Client Testimonial: “3 years ago my melasma had gotten so bad that I felt I couldn’t leave the house without piling on concealer – and still it showed through. I felt so self conscious and it was getting worse and worse. My friend recommended I went to see Sarah to see if she could help, as it was really getting me down. Sarah gave me a course of 6 SkinBase IPL sessions for the melasma, which made an enormous difference.”

Aftercare is incredibly important when combined with SkinBase treatments! She continued:

“She also overhauled my skincare regime and I have since had regular medical facials with her (to improve my general skin condition) which I will never stop. My skin is in better, younger shape now than it was 3 years ago! Sarah has helped me understand that there is no single solution to keeping my skin great and my melasma at bay – she encouraged me to look into Obagi which I have done since these photos & will always have a few IPL sessions with Sarah in Autumn/Winter to keep it at bay, and carry on having the Collagen Lift Ultimate to keep my skin clear and encourage collagen production. And I now never leave the house without a strong SPF. I honestly can’t believe my skin is this good now considering how bad it was before I met her – in my view, it’s one of the best investments I can make in myself. Thank you Sarah!”


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