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microdermabrasion results

SkinBase Microdermabrasion Results

The SkinBase Transformation of the Year 2023 competition is in full swing, with lots more microdermabrasion results for June. Let’s take a look! Don’t forget – if your client has recently finished a course of SkinBase treatments, you can enter the competition.



6 x Microdermabrasion Results

A Nu U Beauty and Brows

A Nu U Beauty and Brows entered these fabulous Microdermabrasion results this month, and here’s what their client had to say:

Client Testimonial: “I have been going to Nicola for Microdermabrasion and had 6 sessions now and I have never ever seen a better difference in my skin. I always suffered with acne and nothing fixed it (changing diet, more water, creams and tablets from the doctors). After a few sessions with Nicola my skin was truly transformed. It’s glowy, less scarred and overall appears brighter. I have a new found confidence in going out the house without makeup. My skin is the best it’s ever been but I will keep getting microdermabrasion to maintain my skin. The best transformation ever.”


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Faith’s Hair and Holistic’s

9 x Microdermabrasion Results

More fabulous Microdermabrasion results from Faith’s Hair and Holistic’s. The skin looks so healthy, and the client is so happy.

Client Testimonial: “I used to scrub my face daily and was disheartened on how uneven my skin was, until I discovered Microdermabrasion. I was really conscious of the acne scarring on my neck and chin but now I don’t even wear foundation! I have hit my 30s but I feel more youthful and lots of people have commented how good my skin looks, and that’s without the makeup on!”



6 x Microdermabrasion Results

The Blissful Beauty Company

Fantastic Microdermabrasion results on the foot!

Client Testimonial: “A friend recommended us to Ruth at The Blissful Beauty Company after she mentioned that she was off for her next foot appointment after our meeting. I’d never heard of Microdermabrasion for the feet before, so I enquired after my friend passed me Ruth’s details. I’d been a long-term sufferer of extremely dry feet and cracked heels. Often my cracked heels bled, causing me to limp. I’d tried medical treatments prescribed by doctors and across the counter and all the well-known brands to treat cracked heels but to no avail. Despite the constant pain, I had almost assigned myself to it, as I’d been suffering for years. However, upon an initial discussion with Ruth, I went along to my first session. Ruth was polite, kind and patient, especially as I was sceptical of the treatment at first and suffered from ticklish feet.” He continued:

“I was  amazed when she showed me how much dry skin was removed after my first session of treatment”

“…She kindly sent me away afterwards with a foot file and serum to help continue the treatment before my next one. I have become a long-term regular, and the transformation is precisely that. When I look back at the first photo, my feet look like they belong to someone else. They are no longer cracked or dry. It has also completely restored my confidence in wearing sandals and enjoying swimming again. The Microdermabrasion foot treatment has been monumental in restoring my feet to being smooth and pain-free. And, what has made it exceptional has been Ruth. She is a joy to visit every time, including a cup of tea while I wait for my partner to do hers and vice versa. It’s an excellent life-changing treatment in that  I am no longer uncomfortable or in pain, but it is also a pampering session. As part of her routine, Ruth also massages and cleanses between each ‘take’, which feels lovely. It is so relieving. We go every 8 – 10 weeks and look forward to it every time.”

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