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SkinBase November Transformation Entries

It’s the final month to get those entries in for the SkinBase Transformation of the Year 2022 competition. Next month the winners will be chosen from all of our fabulous finalists to win a Caribbean holiday! If you’re just about to start a course, don’t worry! Transformation of the Year 2023 is being prepared for January, so you’ll have time to share your fabulous before and afters too. If you haven’t entered the competition yet, what are you waiting for? Become a SkinBase Therapist and find out how to enter here Let’s take a look at all the fantastic November entries that have already come in this month.   SERENITYCARLUKE NOVEMBER ENTRY

November Entry – IPL

Serenity Health and Beauty

November sees another fantastic IPL Hair Reduction entry from Marianne at Serenity Health and Beauty. Here’s what her client had to say: “I am absolutely delighted with my results after 5 sessions of IPL. I wasn’t sure what to expect but the treatment itself is very quick and pain free and was made to feel comfortable and at ease by Marianne! The results mean I now don’t need to worry about hair growth which is a relief as I don’t like shaving as feel it is very harsh on my skin! I would highly recommend this treatment to anyone, you certainly won’t regret it & will see fantastic results.”   If you want to offer IPL in your business, become a SkinBase Therapist now.   DANYELNOONAESTHETICS NOVEMBER ENTRY

November Entries  – MD

Danyel Noon Aesthetics

This fantastic transformation shows the incredible resurfacing effect that the SkinBase Microdermabrasion treatment has on skin. The vigorous crystals have made Danyel’s client’s skin much smoother and younger looking non-surgically, while boosting her collagen & elastin production. Client Testimonial: “My skin has never looked as smooth, it feels lovely after every session. Every one comments on how good my skin looks. I will definitely carry on having them done to maintain my amazing results.”   If you like the look of SkinBase Microdermabrasion, find out more about how it can benefit your business.   THEBLISSFULBEAUTYCOMPANY NOVEMBER ENTRY  

The Blissful Beauty Company

Another fantastic Microdermabrasion transformation for November. This client, at the Blissful Beauty Company, wanted to treat her scarring and had two courses of Microdermabrasion with additional monthly maintenance sessions. As you can see, her skin is much smoother and her skin tone and texture is much more even. The client now only has sessions as and when needed to keep her skin looking as good as possible. Here’s what she had to say about her experience with SkinBase Microdermabrasion: “My skin has never looked and felt so amazing! I’ve always had trouble with my skin since I was a teenager and Ruth worked her magic! My skin is so clear and my scars have gone. My skin looks and feels so fresh. Microdermabrasion has definitely improved my confidence, the treatment is amazing and so relaxing, I can now finally say I don’t have to wear makeup to cover my skin anymore! Ruth is just incredible!” See more Microdermabrasion Transformations here.   BODY B NOVEMBER ENTRY  

November Entry – Collagen Lift

Body B

Rebecca’s client had 6 sessions of SkinBase Collagen Lift to sculpt and lift her face. Her fabulous results have smoothed out her fine lines, tightened her skin and provided a youthful glow. Client Testimonial: “Fabulous results from my collagen face lift. My skin looks and feels lifted and tightened even after the first one. I had a course of 6 and now am having one every 6 weeks. Rebecca is very professional and explains everything. I would highly recommend.”

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