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Sell More Retail

Sort Your Client’s Skincare Routine and Sell More Retail

Your client wants the best possible results from their treatment – and so do you. This means home care is as important as anything that happens in the salon. So this gives you the perfect opportunity to sell more retail and increase client spend.

Get your merchandising perfect to increase your chances of sales. It’s all about visual appeal and grabbing your client’s attention. How do we do this?

Appearance Is Everything

Don’t overload the shelves. People tend to buy nothing when they are given too much choice, and retail sales are important. Dusty products or cluttered displays are unappealing. Keep it clean and streamlined. Make sure everything is spelt correctly and signage is clear, and you’ll be on your way to selling more retail products.

Make Products Accessible

Customers won’t buy if they can’t browse easily. Don’t have retail behind reception. Have good signage with names and prices clearly labelled. For instance, SkinBase Foaming Cleanser, 150 ml, £30. Giving them all the information they need is the best way to ensure you are selling more retail. Putting the product in your client’s hands can make them feel a sense of ownership. Show them how much to use and how to apply. This way you are sharing your personal expertise while offering a chance to experiment.

Categorise Clearly

Categorise products logically. Have different brands grouped together or have product types together. You can group all SkinBase products on one shelf, or put all moisturisers together. Experiment with arrangements to see which way helps you sell more retail. 

Know Your Products

Make it your mission to try your own products and make your staff try them too. Choose to sell products you personally believe in. If you wouldn’t buy a product, how do you intend to sell it? Consider offering full credit back to clients if they aren’t satisfied with a product purchase. You can always use it in the salon yourself. Guaranteeing everything you sell makes a client more inclined to try a new product. Clients want recommendations – don’t miss out.

Salon Display

In the retail world ‘eye height’ equals ‘buy height’.  So position products at eye height in the salon. Have good lighting as people are more likely to invest. Position products with lower prices to the left and higher prices to the right on the shelf. As people browse left to right, you are more likely to sell one of the expensive ones.

Sell More Retail

Selling more retail is vital to the success of your salon business. The more you sell, the more money you take home. You don’t have to feel pushy. Suggesting products for aftercare should be part of each consultation. It will benefit your client as well as your bottom line.

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