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Start Promoting for January and February Now!

You will no doubt be crazy busy on the run-up to Christmas, but believe it or not, now is the best time to start promoting for January. The influx of clients that you’ll be getting over the festive period is perfect to promote a range of deals and discounts to in order to avoid the dreaded January lull. 

January and February are traditionally tough months for salons, clinics and beauty spas. This is mostly down to the fact that clients tighten their purse strings after spending too much over the festive period. January and February have always been thought of as depressing and quiet months, but you can change that perception with a few easy changes. 

Deals and Packages Clients Can’t Resist 

Start thinking about the different package deals that you want to put together for those cold and quiet months. The following can go a long way in turning a lacklustre salon into a thriving one.

  • Complimentary Luxury upgrades on standard treatments.
  • Give a discount on Gift vouchers to be used in January/February.
  • Get trained in something new and get practising on clients with a great introductory offer
  • Introduce a friend incentive.

Make sure you and your employees get into the habit of reminding clients that NOW is the perfect time to book in for a treatment for January. This could be for a treatment of facials after the cold weather has taken its toll, a clean up of the eyebrows after letting them go during winter or even a big bouncy hairstyle to lift spirits. 

Savings Galore

Once you’ve worked out exactly what you can offer, tempt clients by telling them that if they book now, they will get more for their money. Back this up by supporting your clients’ New Year self-improvement aspirations with advertising across your social platforms. 

Note: Always remember, however, that any offers you do introduce must be lucrative for your business. 

New Year, New You

Let’s face it, we all have a bit of an obsession with making some weird and wonderful New Year resolutions, and our clients aren’t any different. They may have in mind that they want to make more of an effort with their appearance, and you can help them with this. 

You can totally work with your clients to help them meet their goals and objectives when it comes to their resolutions. This is all about effective communication which should be taking place in a friendly salon anyway. Hey, and why not go that extra mile and have healthy smoothies and snacks during January and February and promote it as a new year boost. Zhuravets

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