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How to Get Your Client’s Attention? Check out our top tips

It’s a tough time and various lockdown rules and restrictions mean you might not have seen some clients for a while. But that’s not to say they aren’t there ready to return. Here are our top tips to get clients back.

Interest and ATTENTION!

First, you need to get your clients’ interest and attention. We recommend sharing before and after pictures of your treatments (Lots for SkinBase treatments on our Facebook page). There’s a reason we say a picture speaks a thousand words. Tell them about the treatment and do this by as many communication methods as you can, every client will prefer something different. Talk to them, send/share information, email and text clients to tell them about what you have to offer.

Video Content

Post a video of you talking about and/or demonstrating the treatment in action. Talk about how your products and services can help to transform your client’s skin and take away those niggling skin issues.  Be specific; how will they benefit? how will it help their skin? don’t be general, be specific, get your geek on and go deep with your explanation about how it will transform skin.

FREE Consultations

Offer ‘FREE consultations’, you can do these online in lockdown and this will give you the opportunity to chat with your client and find out exactly what their skin concerns are and what you can put in place to provide a solution. Also, please remember – do not assume what your clients can and can’t afford (so many therapists do this!! We will all find the money for something if we want it enough, I buy all sorts of things I would say I can’t afford), that’s for them to decide, you must do what you do best as the professional and the expert and recommend what will benefit your clients, let them decide if they can afford it.

Ask for the business.

Your language and the way you speak about the treatment is really important. Don’t be apologetic in the way you ask. Instil confidence in your clients that you can solve their issue. Make sure your language is positive and assertive. Ask leading questions to make it easy for clients to say ‘Yes’.

Listen for the cues in what your clients say.

When clients ask about products and services you offer, jump on this. You’ve got their attention and their interest you need to now turn that into the desire to take action, bring out the before and afters, talk about the amazing benefits and ask for the business, “shall I get you booked in? Is this day and time good for you? Let’s do your patch test now and then we can get you booked in”.

Talk about your treatments

Make sure to talk about your SkinBase treatments with clients. That might sound obvious but you can soon get out of the habit when something isn’t new any more. Assume people don’t know you offer the treatment and tell them all about it. Here at SkinBase, we can let all our clients know about a product or service several times and there will still always be people who say they didn’t know. And we totally get it, people are busy, they glance over information, they don’t read, they forget, they don’t listen even, but it doesn’t mean they won’t be ready to hear about it again at some point. The timing might be right now so make sure you are always talking about your products and services.

Live the dream!

Have the treatment yourself, be your own best advert. If your skin looks amazing, clients will want to know how you do it and then you can let them in on your secret! It’s so much easier to speak about something you have experienced for yourself. So what are you waiting for, give your skin the pampering it deserves and watch those bookings roll in.

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