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It is time to cast your vote and choose a winner for the August round of the SkinBase Transformation Of The Year competition. Help us decide which SkinBase therapists and clients should each win £500 in retail vouchers and go through to the final in December! Head over to the private SkinBase Facebook page if you too are a SkinBase Therapist. Simply like your favourite transformation to cast your vote. If you’re not a SkinBase therapist, become one now. We’ve had some fabulous results this month from courses of SkinBase Collagen Lift, Microdermabrasion and IPL treatments, so let’s take a look. The votes are evenly split, with our current top three each of our SkinBase treatments.

Skin Tip

8 x IPL Hair Reduction Treatments

SkinBase Therapist Beatrice at Skin Tip Salon treated her client with 8 IPL Hair Reduction treatments as she was struggling with hair growth on her face and neck. After having bi-weekly waxing sessions throughout her life, the client was stressed out and her self esteem was very low. Now, just 8 sessions, she is so happy with her smoother, clearer skin.

It is no surprise that this fantastic transformation received over 80 voted in the first 12 hours of the voting. If you have clients with unwanted hair that it is affecting their confidence, become a SkinBase therapist now and see what you can do for them.

Rebecca Willshee Nail and Beauty Specialist

6 x Microdermabrasion Facials

Becky’s fabulous acne Microdermabrasion transformation has received lots of votes, and the picture speaks for itself!

Client Testimonial: “My skin story started in peak Covid times – a combination of being burnt out from continuous work as a veterinary nurse and the pressures Covid put my body under a lot of pressure. I’ve never been a confident person always conscious of how I looked – then I developed severe acne out of nowhere during Covid. It destroyed the last bit of self esteem I had. I was so so so conscious of my skin it was not only visible under makeup but it was itchy and burnt too! I was at an all time low especially with my skin and had tried EVERY product under the sun. All the latest TikTok trends but nothing helped. I visited a lovely therapist who was helping me treat my severely damaged skin barrier. She pointed me in the direction of Becky and that’s when my journey started with Skin Base!”

To start your journey with SkinBase, find out more here.

“…I was introduced to the SkinBase Microdermabrasion facial. I noticed a difference the very same day of having my first treatment. The pictures speak volumes for how you can imagine I was feeling compared to now. Fast forward a few treatments and you can see how much my skin is thriving. From the help of the support, treatments and products! Even before the severe acne – my skin has never looked this glowy and healthy. It’s no longer sensitive and most importantly I’ve found my inner confidence thanks to SkinBase and Becky this will forever have a place in my skin care routine!”

Morgan’s Beauty Therapy

6 x Collagen Lift

Morgan’s client was concerned about her jowls and jawline, and decided to have a course of six Collagen Lift facials. She felt totally at ease during her treatments, as her SkinBase therapist explained the whole process to her in detail. After having the course she feels like a million dollars – like “wearing a beautiful dress”. She has noticed visible firming around her around her jawline. Her jowls do not hang like before, so she is very pleased. She also has visibly plumped and smooth cheeks, and looks and feels so much better.

This fabulous transformation also received over 80 votes on the first day. If it has your vote too, go and click the like button on the post in the SkinBase August Voting Album. If you want to see how the SkinBase Collagen Lift treatment would benefit your business, find out more here.

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