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Survey says? Questions you can ask your clients to engage with them online

It can be tricky to come up with interesting content while the salon is temporarily closed. Clients still want to hear from you though and it’s important to maintain your online presence. As well as funny memes and sharing information about your treatments you could post a few fun surveys. These are great to gauge what your clients are missing, loving and looking forward to! Use this as an opportunity to do a little bit of market research too.

What are you missing most about coming to see us?

This is a good one to see what your USP is. Is it YOU, your service, the treatments that are missed the most? What do your clients want more of? Take notes of what clients say. If it’s the treatments add some new touches to make this experience even more special.

  1. The amazing treatments
  2. The banter
  3. Tea and biscuits
  4. Moaning about your other half
  5. Reading the latest magazines

Obviously alter the options to suit your business!

Imagine we’ve just reopened, you’ve got the very first appointment, what treatment are you looking forward to? 

Ask clients to imagine their perfect ideal appointment, what are they looking forward to? Here are a few options you could choose;

More ideas for surveys

A few more ideas for surveys/questions you can ask to help gather information and keep in touch with clients;

  • Which treatments are you going to miss the most while we are closed?
  • Which treatment have you never tried but would like to?
  • (Use this opportunity to tell them more about the treatment)
  • You’ve been given £100 to spend on beauty treatments with us… what do you book?
  • You’ve been given £50 to treat your closest friend…what would you get them and why?
  • If you could have any of these treatments for free which one would you pick? We’d love to know the reason, tell us why in the comments!

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